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In popular dietetics, as in any sphere of human life, an important role is played by fashion for certain things and phenomena. Recently, various detox techniques have gained increasing popularity. This word flickers in conversations and on the pages of magazines more often, but often on the principle of “I hear a ringing…”. In this article, we will consider not only what is detox, but also what it is not.

What is a detox diet?

“Detox”, as you might guess, comes from the word “detoxification”, which means purification from poisons. Adherents of these measures proceed from the idea that in our body for various reasons (the main of which is malnutrition) are constantly accumulating toxins that need to be periodically withdrawn using various methods, including very stringent ones. And when the body will be cleaned, then the excess weight will easily go away, and life will become brighter.

In order to achieve this purity, use different methods from enema to gastric lavage. And one of these techniques is the detox diet. Such diets are practiced by hundreds of celebrities and millions of their fans.

Why do you need a detox diet?

In addition to cleaning up mysterious toxins and toxins, detox diet leads to weight loss. And although they are often served under the sauce of general health improvement, weight reduction is often their first and primary responsibility. You very rarely hear that some detox diet treats gastrointestinal problems or improves the functioning of any body systems, but that on some miraculous cocktail “due to the complex cleaning of the body” you can lose up to 20 kg in a month we willy-nilly we learn every day.

Detox-diets are often used in conjunction with other measures that are aimed at making the figure look tighter and thinner. In detox, the body, as a rule, loses a large amount of water, which creates the appearance of losing weight. Simultaneously, similar methods are usually presented as healthy lifestyles: abundance of fruits, exotic ingredients, natural “organic” products, etc.

It is important to understand that physicians imply something else under detoxification. Popular in Hollywood detox-lemonade Master Klins never and under no circumstances will help you fight with poisoning with selenium or even with a usual hangover.

What is the difference between detox and discharge?

Detox-diets are often confused with unloading days or even low-calorie diets on plant foods. However, these are all different things, and do not confuse them.

Unloading days – a short-term reduction in the calorie content of the diet with the goal of creating such an “energy contrast”. They are needed in order to spur metabolic processes in the body and make the body feel hungry and, figuratively speaking, climb into zagashniki.

Often, for a more pronounced contrast with the usual diet, fasting days are based on the use of a single low-calorie product, for example kefir or apples. Unloading days a day are part of many healthy and balanced weight loss systems. They are quite effective and have no contraindications.

Detox is needed in order to get rid of fat, not from “rubbish” in the intestines and blood. To do this, the supply of everything that can additionally “contaminate” the body, is temporarily minimized, while simultaneously taking food and drugs that “purge the system.” When you lose weight on detox-diets, it is considered, rather, a pleasant bonus from cleansing the body.

If for clarity to imagine the body as a warehouse-store with materials, then unloading is a sale. It stimulates sales and frees the shelves from dead cargo, yet of some value. A detox is a kind of wiping dust off the shelves and throwing out the debris that has lain between the boxes. In the process of large-scale cleaning, a place on the shelves will inevitably be vacated, but this is rather a pleasant addition to cleanliness than an end in itself, and will not last long.

Principles of detox dieting

Despite the fact that there are a lot of different detoxes, they are similar in a number of ways:

  1. Half-starved or hungry. For the best purification of the body, as mentioned above, the supply of coarse and complexed food to the body ceases;
  2. Liquid food. Most detox techniques recommend a temporary transition to liquid food with a large amount of water. The purpose of this is a temporary exemption from the work of the stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys while washing the system. There are detoxes on juices, tea, water with lemon, various broths and even ordinary water without impurities. You can find detoxes on solid food, but these are the exceptions;
  3. The predominance of a certain product in the diet. When cleaning at our hypothetical warehouse use special cleaning products. As a rule, it is some kind of branded drink, which is necessary, rather, to make the technique unique;
  4. Exclusion of salt and sugar;
  5. Plant food. Most detoksov – vegan, except, perhaps, the broth, which is not too popular.

In terms of improving metabolism, detoxes do not exceed the usual unloading days provided by other diets for weight loss. But to fix the result of detox is very, very difficult. After the termination of a diet, most likely, you will test simply inhuman hunger, that at absence of self-control can aggravate your problems with weight. In addition, the extreme restriction of the diet for a period longer than a couple of days can make your body begin to store more carefully for future use.

One day detox is still useful after some types of food and drug poisoning. However, in such cases it is better not to rely on arbitrary diets and turn to handing.

Detox diet should not be confused with medical starvation, which prescribed by doctors in certain acute conditions. It is a tightly controlled medical procedure and has its own rules, to fashion detoxes that have nothing to do with it.

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