Disaster Recovery: A Must for All Businesses

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Your company should know by now that no business is safe from losing all their information and systems without notice. Most companies in the modern age protect themselves against this by creating a Disaster Recovery Plan. Part of this is deciding where you will back-up your information. More and more companies are choosing cloud based solutions and there are various service providers for this.

To minimize potential loss in the face of a disaster, many companies choose disaster recovery service providers. These can offer 24-hour support as well as a fast and efficient solutions to getting your business back up to full speed, often in a matter of minutes. Some of the best companies offering this industry right now are:


They specialize in offering businesses a safe place to store sensitive information in a trusting place. It also has a portal which allows customers to track various sides of their business such as resources and management costs,

IBM Cloud Services

IBM offers customers an excellent prevention against data loss. More control for clients and a simplified recovery system that a business will appreciate as it speeds up the recovery time.

Sungard Availability Services

The data recovery management company offers a whole lot of data backup allowance. They also work with your IT department in securing your systems and helps you to test your own protection to prevent any unwanted attacks even occurring.

Disaster recovery orchestration ensures that your company is giving itself the minimal loss possible. When you trust another company with expertise in this area it really does give you the tools to contain an attack or disaster. It is estimated that around half of all companies cannot afford to go more than one hour without full service. This gives you the chance to easily access all of your backed up data and often comes with 24 hour support so not matter what time disaster might occur you are ready. Recovery can be automatic and simple. Ensure that you have a disaster recovery plan in place and that you have staff in each department who are aware of what needs to happen in the event of system failure,

Your business must be able to get back up to speed in the most time efficient manner, your reputation and quality of customer service might depend on it. Many companies that are not protected may suffer an attack with devastating consequences, make sure your company is not ill prepared by protecting its future today by using a disaster recovery specialist.


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