Discover Outer Banks – The Favorite Celebrity Retreat

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The Outer Banks real estate has made owning land, homes, oceanfront castles and commercial property an achievable dream, with the ocean fronts becoming the most preferred, for their incredible views. Most of these feature amenities such as game rooms, hot tubs and private pools.

These regions are divided into three, namely:

  1. Northern Outer Banks regions
  2. Central Outer Banks regions
  3. South Outer Banks regions

The Outer Banks region is known for its temperate climate conditions that favors fishing, boating, golfing among other activities.

There are numerous real estate listings in areas such as Kill Devil Hills, Corolla, Beach Road in Kitty Hawk as well as beaches of Carova and Ocracoke.

Of late, the Outer Banks real estate market has had a high influx of newcomers, year-round residents as well as vacationers-turned investors; a situation that has created countless resources. The local market may seem a little tricky to navigate at first due to flood insurance to rental income. Nevertheless, with the presence of experienced realtors, the end result becomes easily achievable.

In addition, a number of laws and acts help in the coordination of size and placement of property. For instance, the Coastal Area Management Act and the North Carolina Division of Coastal Management. Most areas have neighborhood covenants.

A number of companies have listings for residential and commercial Outer Banks property in areas of Corolla and Buxton. For instance, a residential property in Corolla has been listed for $4,999,000 while another Buxton commercial property goes for $3,985,000.

It’s also clear that celebrities have not been left behind in the hunt for the vacation getaway property in Outer Banks.


The celebrities include John and Kate, as well as Tom Cruise, who have a property in Corolla, Andy Griffith’s properties in Roanoke Island and Jimmy Buffet, who is said to have spent some time in Hatteras and Ocracoke.

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