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When you seek the services of a competent plumbing company in Dallas and the surrounding environment, only one name comes first, Dallas Plumbing Company. The company has over a hundred years experience in the plumbing industry. Dallas Plumbing Company has been known for their brilliant expertise and quality in their service offers. That is not what today’s discussion is all about though.

There are some of those plumbing repairs that doesn’t necessarily call for the attention of a plumber. Some of these are repairs you could easily handle yourself without the assistance of a plumber. In this article, we’ll touch briefly on some of those repairs and how you can easily go about fixing those plumbing issues.


How to Unblock Traps

Traps are a common site for blockages to occur. These blockages can prevent the free flow of water but can be easily fixed by you. How do you unblock trap? While you can normally use a plumber’s snake to unclog many trap types, you’ll still need to dismantle the sink before you can remove all blockages.

So, you’ll normally need a bucket, a bowl, a replacement washer and possibly an old and used toothbrush.

First, you’ll have to undo the sink trap and place a bowl under it to catch water trapped inside from spilling off.

You can then go ahead to clean and remove the debris. This can be done in a bucket containing clean water. The toothbrush will help to make sure the trap is properly cleaned.

After this, you can then replace the trap. Worn washers can also be replaced to prevent them from leaking in the future.


How to fix Weak Pressure in Showers

The weakness of the pressure in showers are caused by the build-up of limescale over time. You can always start the fixing process by getting a descaling solution.

Other things you’ll need include a screwdriver and a bowl.

The first thing to do is unscrewing the shower head from the hose.

This can then be followed by the unscrewing of the spray plate and immersion in descaling solution.

You should then allow the spray plate to remain in the solution for the specified amount of time.

Before replacing the shower head back in, remember to flush out any remaining scale that may be in pipes.


Unclogging Sink Drain

Debris piling up around the sink drain can be a dirty and disgusting scene to behold. They are usually found in the areas just around the pop up plug of the drain. So, how do you unclog sink drain?

It’s simple and can be done in three simple steps.

First,remove the spring tab and separate it from the drain adjustment arm.

Secondly, remove the ball valve from the sink trap.

Lastly, remove the pop-up plug and remove and clean all the debris hanging on to it.


These fixes will definitely not require professional expertise and skills. You can easily fix them with little work on your part.


But, when it comes to solving plumbing issues that will require professional expertise, only a competent plumbing company can handle that. Remember though that Dallas Plumbing Company is in the best position to provide you with the best services as regards plumbing repairs and installation.

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