Do Gemstones have Scientific Basis?

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Astrology is being used by human right from the ages and many attempts have been made to argue its scientific basis and there was a time when people were reluctant to believe that it has a scientific basis and was considered a fool’s paradise.

But as science advances and it started deciphering the evolution of psychology the scientific world is bound to believe that it has a scientific basis and much of our behavior is governed by the position of Sun and various planetary positions.   

So, with the advancements of science the world was bound to believe that the human life is governed by the existence of Sun and various planets and with gemstones we can shift their positions. With this article we came up with some evidence that will determine that gemstones have a scientific basis and if it is used prudently it can have a positive impact on your life.

Origin of the Earth- Big Bang Theory states that the earth was born out of a huge blast in a gaseous system that was made up of hydrogen and helium. Latter on complex molecules and elements like Carbon, Iron, Copper were formed that formed the basic structure of human body. The human body was formed out of that energy only and thus there is every possibility that the Universe has a single energy and everything is an extension of the same. Since everything is an extension of a single energy everything is dependent on the other. Since everything is dependent our energy is also linked to the energy of planets.

Existence of law of gravitation- With the discovery of law of gravitation it has become evident that our blood circulation and speed of breath are dependent on gravitational force of the earth. Had there is no gravitational force life would not have existed. All we can say is that much of our existence is influenced by it a lot. Since law of gravitation is a truth and much of our existence is dependent on it, we can’t deny that the position of sun, earth and planets influence our behavior.

Chemical basis of life- Initially, we were of the opinion that life has nothing to do with chemicals and these two are in no way interrelated. But latter on scientists discovered that life has a chemical basis and much of our body physiology, behavior and approach is dependent on the chemical reactions that are going on inside our body. In other words life has a chemical basis and since it has a chemical basis there is every possibility that our behaviors are being governed by these planets.

Mind-matter theory- Initially we were of the opinion that mind and matter are two different things and these two are not related but with the advancements of science we came to the conclusion that these two are very much related and we can’t segregate them totally. Since mind and matter are inter-related our body is also dependent on the energy of various planets.

Biological Clock in Human- The best example that can illustrate that human behavior is dependent on planets and moon is the existence of biological clock. Our biological clock determines when we will fall asleep and much of our other behaviors. And the biological clock in turn is dependent on the movement of Moon. Since we have a biological clock in our body there is every possibility that our behavior is being governed by Moon and many other such planetary bodies.


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