Do students get a full education learning at Home?

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What is homeschooling? It is in fact exactly as the word describes it which is teaching students in a non-traditional environment typically the home, in an individual or group setting. The parent can be the teacher, especially at the lower levels and then depending on the methodology you choose, certified instructors in the higher grades.

best Christian home school curriculum

When you decided to home school, it was for any number of reasons, but the end goal is to give your child (ren) a solid education so they can become successful adults both in their chosen profession and most importantly successful in their personal lives.  To achieve these goals there are decisions made by parents along this way of child-rearing.  Ranking as one of the more important decisions is the educational program for the child as they grow up. Traditionally, children can be sent to the brick and mortar schools, but in doing so in today’s culture the home often loses control of the values being taught and often the actual quality of education being received.  Growing in popularity in the last decade is the homeschool option for families.

There are two primary options when it comes to choosing the best Christian home school curriculum: on your own directly with the supplier or through a Christian school platform that has done all the hard work for you. The first option requires parents to research and compare multiple curriculum selections for each subject and grade and then order the necessary items from the supplier at a non-wholesale price because they don’t buy in bulk. The second way is much more streamlined because the parents just need to find a Christian school that they want to work with that aligns with their belief system, which offers a quality home school curriculum and methodology for teaching at home and other helpful resources. Once the student has been admitted to the program then the school lays out the coursework with the ability to choose upper level courses just as you would at a traditional school. A college prep program and Honors classes are a great advantage to a home school student because they can take advantage of the benefits and still not have to go into a classroom. When looking at different school websites they often display their curriculums, and few are more complete than you can get with an online program from grades 3-12 with a Christian school that uses the Ignitia online curriculum. It is not unusual to see several schools with the same curriculum and other schools with other curriculums…the difference is most often with the quality of the Christian school itself and the work they do to make their program uniquely superior. For more specific details you can speak to an Admissions Specialist to ask about subject and grade progression with matching books and/or e-texts.

If you are getting ready to home school for the first time it can be a little overwhelming and exciting but having the best Christian home school curriculum makes the difference. Every course is designed to walk the student through the lessons and each year builds upon itself. The flexibility of homeschooling allows parents to move at a pace that is comfortable for the child while still accomplishing everything within a set period of time. Students can get a full education at home and move into college or a career with confidence and assurance that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in life.

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