Does Adult Circumcision Surgery Affect the Size of the Penis?

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The practice of adult circumcision has been around for several thousands of years now. Back in the old days, it may have been a practice people implemented as a hygiene measure in their communities living in dusty, dry and hot climates. Later, it became a religious and cultural ritual. Today, about 35% of males worldwide opt for the adult circumcision surgery for different reasons. The rate of newborn’s circumcision went low in the 1970s, and the number went higher again with medical benefits and findings.

When it comes to the benefits, and possible risks of circumcision, there are conflicting points of view.  However, most men also tend to worry about another important question, “does circumcision really have an effect on the size of the penis or not?”

The Average Size of the Penis

When you go through statistics dating back to two years ago, you will find that the average penis size when flaccid and not erect was about 3.5”, and 5.5 to 5.6” when erect. The measurement is done from the penis base, under the stomach all the way to the head of the penis. Into the late twenties, the size of the penis continues to grow. However, note that the length and thickness are both highly variable and this depends on the family genes of individuals as well

What Happens in Adult Circumcision?

The surgical procedure of circumcision at most clinics including some like Circumcision Center involves the removal of the foreskin, which naturally covers the head of the penis. Some men also have this misconception that opting for the circumcision surgery would perhaps lead to the penis being less sensitive and leading to lesser chances of sexual pleasure later in their life. Nonetheless, there is no valid evidence that supports this assumption. Another common myth that men believe is that circumcision affects the length of the penis, making it shorter than its actual size. Is this true?

Effects of Circumcision on the Penis

You should note that the circumcision procedure involves the removal of the foreskin around the penis head. It does not have any effect on the length of the penis and it does not shorten it, nor does the surgical procedure have any effect on the growth of the penis. The girth and length of the penis comprise of protein tissues, skin, blood vessels, cells, and the circumcision process has no effect on these structures.

Circumcision is just the removal of the excess skin on the surface of the penis, without touching the actual penis. The size of the penis in terms of length and thickness is determined by the penis’s cell structure and not the amount of skin.

Another important thing to note is that the development and growth of the penis is actually an on-going natural process that continues consistently and actively from birth all the way to adulthood. Hence, there is no reason for you to believe that this surgery interferes with the growth of the penis.

Also, the development and growth of the penis is under the influence of hormones, (testosterone, and the male sex hormone) and there is no link between reduced productions of testosterone, which can lead to micro or small penis.

Benefits of Adult Male Circumcision

Prevention of HIV: According to UNAIDS/WHO study, circumcised adult men have about 60% lower chances of the risks of HIV infection. Male circumcision in adults particularly helps to prevent HIV by keeping the penis cleaner.

Enhanced Sexual Pleasure: After circumcision, some research says that sexual experience is enhanced and men can better control the arousal with the exposure of the glans.  Some women and men also prefer circumcised penis because it is more aesthetic.

Cuts Down the Chances of Phimosis: When you choose circumcision, this also helps to eliminate the risks of phimosis, which does not only have an effect on sex, but also makes cleaning the foreskin, and passing urine painful and difficult. It also increases the risks of geriatric problems and penile cancer.

Along with these benefits, adult circumcision:

·         Eliminates the chances of you getting invasive penile cancer

·         Reduces the risk of urinary tract infections

·         Reduces the risk of prostate cancer

·         Reduces your risk of getting the AIDs and HIV virus

·         Eliminates infection and inflammation risks of the penis

·         Provides protection against Chancroid,  Syphilis, and papillomavirus

Circumcision is a safe surgical procedure that lasts for about one hour in adult men. It does not cut the penis, but it is done to remove the foreskin only. The size of your penis will remain the same, as well as the length and thickness. The recovery period often lasts for about 4 weeks or until the surgical sutures dry and fall off, but doctors let you go on the very day of the surgery.


If you are considering this surgical procedure, rest assured that you will be under the effects of anesthesia and won’t feel the pain of the incisions. Consult experienced surgeons for more information and choose it only when you feel you are ready for it. 

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