Double-Side Manicure Tutorial

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You are probably tired a lot of different kinds of manicures, some that are more simple, and other that are quite colorful with a lot of decorations. But you want something more, something interesting and unique that will make your friends say “wow” when they see you, and they will try it themselves. Well, that is why we have decided to give you such an interesting and innovative manicure. Here is how you can paint your nails on both sides, not only the nail plate, but also the interior part of your nails, the one that it is usually not visible.

This manicure is inspired by a certain brand of shoes that decided shoe soles are the soul of the shoes. That is what you are going to do with your nails. In other words, use everything you can to be unique and to set a new trend. So, enough talking, let’s move on to acting. To do this manicure your nails need to be at least a little longer (like in the picture), otherwise the inner part of the nails will not be visible and your efforts will be in vain.

For this manicure you will need: black and red nail polish, and some scotch tape.

Step 1

Get some of the tape and place on that part of your finger which is under your nails. This will serve as a protection from the red nail polish you are going to apply on the inner part of your nail.

Step 2

Make sure the tape covers all the skin around your nails. If you do not feel very comfortable with applying nail polish in general, because you always accidentally apply a couple of nail polish strokes on the cuticles. This is ruining your manicure. So, if you have such problems, just apply some of the tape on the upper side of your fingers, around the nails.

Step 3

Now get the red nail polish and apply it on the inner side of your nails. Make sure you cover all parts of the nails, because it is a little bit more difficult than the standard way of applying nail polish.

Step 4

Once you are done with the inside part, get the black nail polish and apply it on your nails. Wait for the polish to get dry. It will take you several minutes.

Step 5

Remove all the scotch tape from your fingers and enjoy your new manicure!

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