Driving a car on glaze ice requires special skills

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The most important rule when driving on glaze ice is keeping the distance to the vehicle ahead of you and the timely deceleration. Before you make a turn, you are to decrease the speed in advance. Do not ever brake when your steering wheel is turned, as this will definitely lead to skidding no matter how big or small your car is.

You can pull off when on ice with a higher gear – with the second or even the third one. High revs of the first gear can lead to the loss of control over the car and thus making your front wheels or rear wheels skid. This same rule applies to clay or snowy road surfaces. If your car has an automatic transmission just like Cadillac Escalade, you can also try to manually switch to second or third gear.

When driving on slippery sections of the road, it is necessary to apply the method of braking with the help of the engine or combine it with technique where you press and release the brake pedal multiple times. Sharp and short-term pedal presses must be repeated until the required speed or a complete stoop is accomplished. This method is very effective when you want to avoid a wheel lock-up. 

There are also some other important tips:

When braking, there are times when the engine is about to stall. In order to get rid of this problem, you need to lower the pressure on the brake pedal without completely releasing it. Braking with the engine should be done when in the gear that is currently engaged. However, when you are descending from a hill, it is best to switch to a lower gear.

Do not make use of the parking brake. The desire to commit a daring maneuver or a turn in narrow space can lead to loss of control, and then you are likely to get into trouble. For a more abrupt stop, you should use the method when you press and release the brake pedal multiple times. Do not let go of the brake pedal completely and just lower the force. This method must be combined with the trajectory alignment using the wheel. If you do not do this, skidding is inevitable.

To reduce the speed, you should try to choose dry areas with bare asphalt. If this is not possible, you need to smoothly slide to the curb making sure that its conditions allow you to do this and then brake. The fact is that the curb is usually covered with gravel or has an earthen base, which means that the ice film is easier to brake especially if you have a big car like a pickup. In this context, you might want to check out some local truck trader.

When driving in icy conditions, you can not turn the steering wheel sharply, especially when you push in the clutch, shift the transmission, make a maneuver or brake. The slightest sharpness leads to skidding. This is a big danger, since you can not control a car that can go every which way. 


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