Ecocafe Street Foods Kiwiana Style!

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HRH Dame Mary Raponi reporting to the community about the pioneering vision I have for my latest project ecocafe Street Foods, a dynamic entrepreneurial business launching with its first National contract 2017 – 2018 

The vision came after a personal trauma that left me and my beloved Glen at an all-time low, we struggled against the adversities of societies unmerciful banter that nearly diminished all that we had gained in career and by reputation.

Time is a great healer and 18 months on and 5 years later we have risen from the ashes and I would like to express my gratitude to all my wonderful supporters that personally know us and my tribe Wahiao / Tuhourangi/Tainui/Ngati Pikiao for the genetic coding that I derive my Ariki and Royal bloodlines….

ecocafe Street Food pioneers systems of cryptocurrency capacity, Luxury Soul Food Retreats that would absolutely challenge any gourmet connoisseur, 1st class flights, and accommodation to a hideaway hosted by me and Glen and our MF Technicians that will pamper the very crevices of world-class dining, accommodation, and experience….   

Our chefs are guided by my intuitive and spiritual anointing of discernment to create an experience that is customized to each participant  

A heritage steeped in the mysteries and wonderment of Maori I bring a unique challenge to the conservative mind….that all things are possible and what is unseen can be seen….


BiGG HuGGzzz  Mary…

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