Elegant Beach Weddings Made Easy

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Beach weddings have always been popular and with very good reason. What better place to symbolize a love that is as powerful and beautiful as the sea?  The perfect union of the ocean and the sand, that gently and patiently alter each other’s path. On top of that, the trip to the ocean can be turned into something unforgettable, making your destination wedding even more special. On top of that, your future husband could enjoy a luxury bachelor party with his best men – a growing trend among luxury-wedding lovers!

However, preparing a beach wedding can be tricky. If this is not something you do for a living, you may find it difficult to even keep the seating and décor in place. Though you will manage, you will probably not end up with the elegance you are dreaming of.

There are a few things you should consider before you go forward with this major event in your life.

The chic beach wedding

You can do what most DIY couples do. You can rent a portable arch and folding chairs. You will probably have to place a wood base on the beach in order to put the chairs up. If you are only having a few people, and if you can find a place that is level, this will work.  A few floral pieces and ribbons wired to the chairs and a platform for the bride and groom to stand, and you will have a nice (if small) wedding.

You will have to have someone who can bring the supplies to you, including sheets of wood and they will need to remove them when the wedding is finished. If you live in the area, you may have a friend who can do this. If not you will need to hire someone or rent a truck for the day.

The problem with this is the set-up and removal of the set. This takes a big slice and a lot of time out of a very important day. This is why this option is rarely chosen. But it can work and be quite nice.

The beach wedding resort

While everyone knows there are banquet halls and lovely places in the nicer hotels, people sometimes to do realize, you can have the option of a beautiful beach wedding instead of the indoor wedding that the hotel also offers. This is the perfect wedding resort for the romantic beach lover.

Copyright: <a href=’https://www.123rf.com/profile_gonepaddling’>gonepaddling / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

You get the ultra-chic and professionally decorated wedding at a prime location, overlooking the spectacular ocean view that the hotel paid to acquire.  They offer different packages to accommodate different groups.  The packages include the reception and menu as well as a bar if needed.

There is no setup or removal of anything and everything is in place to make this the wedding of your dreams.

The lounge wedding

A third option is usually used for smaller groups. Instead of the traditional sit-down wedding at the beach, have a standing wedding. You will only need a platform for the bride and groom and an arch if you want one. You can arrange a small sit-down area to one side for the parents and grandparents if you choose. The wedding is quick.

Using an area rental company, rent elegant outdoor furniture groups. Go for deep cushions, large square tables and lots of candles. A few poles and some tulle to drape around the corners will form small outdoor lounge areas. This is beautiful at sunset. Have cocktails and appetizers served by professionals or even cater a meal of foods that are easily eaten in such a setting. The guests can mingle among the different “rooms”. The bridal party will have the largest area in the center of the settings.      

These ideas will each create a wedding you will be proud of. It comes down to how much effort you want to invest in the work.  Be sure to work with a wedding planner and local professionals.    

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