Elevate your University Graduation Day with Elegant Graduation Attire

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Graduation day marks the culmination of years of hard work. As such it is an incredibly special day for both students and their parents. One of the highlights of taking part in a graduation day is finally being able to wear academic dress, which symbolises the completion of the degree. In the UK and other Commonwealth countries, graduation attire often consists of a black, ankle length gown, a mortarboard (also called a trencher cap or square cap) and a hood displaying the colours of the degree. Individual institutions often customise their attire by changing, for example, the shape and colour of the hood or colour of the mortarboard tassel.

One of the key moments of any graduation ceremony is seeing the graduating students, dressed in their regalia, crossing the stage to receive their certificates. This is truly an impressive sight and special also for the university staff and academics who look on with pride at the stream of students receiving their degrees.

Churchill Gowns is an established manufacturer and retailer of high-quality graduation attire and ancillary services such as ticketing and photography. The company supplies its garments and services to numerous universities and tertiary institutions around the UK and Australia. Environmental sustainability is a cornerstone of the brand and as such a key distinguishing feature of their gowns is that they are made from 100% recycled polyester, keeping 28 plastic bottles from landfill for every gown made. The company is also carbon neutral and has committed to donating 10% of profit to local charities.


Select the best graduation attire and make your event standout

Given the importance of academic attire in the success and credibility of a graduation, it is important that the garments match the quality of the institution they represent. They must also match any existing attire and as such great care must be taken when selecting the correct regalia. A graduation ceremony is a very public event showcasing the success of the university to the wider community. Photos of graduates in their attire are very common and thus it is important to work with a provider who understands the industry well and has a strong reputation of quality and service excellence. Churchill Gowns works with each institution to individually design and supply attire appropriate to the institution and its students. For example, Churchill Gowns is able to colour match any shade of existing regalia to ensure that new stock accurately matches the university’s branding.

To Hire or Purchase?

In the past students had very little choice as to hiring or purchasing their attire. While the option to purchase was for the most part present, it was prohibitively expensive. This is indeed a shame as many graduates wish to keep their gowns or mortarboards as a memento of their university days. Furthermore, international students often wish to show their attire to friends and family back home who are unable to come to the graduation in person.

Churchill Gowns was the first supplier in Australia to supply graduation attire directly to students through their comprehensive online store. Students now have the option to either purchase their gowns or hire them instead. In both cases, items are delivered directly to customers homes, reducing stress on graduation day and allowing students to try their gowns prior to graduation.


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