English Golfer Fleetwood mixing work and wedding in Bahamas

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We talked about if we understood I could get in the tournament prior to the last deadline was in, we kinda said — me and Clare reported that when we got to the championship, it’d be a fantastic spot to get married.

“So I am really getting married on Tuesday here, therefore missing the tournament was not really an alternative,” quipped Fleetwood when asked about taking off some time this week thinking about the hectic season he’s had.

It really was a busy year for its 26-year-old but also the best of his professional career which saw him climb into world’s best 20 from 99 in the onset of the season.

By today, all Fleetwood understands is that the wedding ceremony will occur on a shore but the specific place is going to be chosen by his soon to be wife.

“Really, I believe she is deciding that now. She had been looking at like two or even three distinct options again. Again, so that is not actually my choice but I’ll be there. Wherever she informs me to be, I’ll be there,” he explained.

Adding excitement to Fleetwood’s time here’s the existence of Tiger Woods, who’s returning to action following a nine-month lack.

“Well, I clearly bumped into him at tournaments over the years after he has begun to play in Dubai or may have played with the strange similar important or said hello in passing. Never had a dialogue really until yesterday so that was the very first time I had a correct full conversation.

“So it was nice to really meet him in complete rather than simply saying hello and walking ago and doing everything you do when you are at championship, which is perfect, yeah.”

But what was the dialogue about, he explained: “He said that I was awesome this season, which is sort of cool. And then we were just talking about ordinary stuff.

“He asked me when I had been going to receive my hair trimmed and really I had my hair trimmed yesterday or the day before and that I did not believe me. Only a trim.

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