Enjoy The Monsoon Discount On Flight Tickets

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Amongst others, the changing seasons are one of the biggest motivators for travellers to explore a new city. In India, if you want to travel unannounced, it can get very pricey, even though it is in the country itself. The search for the cheapest airfares can be gruelling. Therefore, in order to make your search easier, here are a few tips to help you avail cheap flight tickets.

Discounts and Offers 

One of the main benefits of flight ticket bookings made according to the seasons, is that you can avail their seasonal offers. In order to attract more clients, airline companies offer various discount according to the seasons. For example, with the monsoon season in operation, some airlines have decided to give their customers monsoon discounts. If you are planning your travel in the same season, then these offers and discounts can come in handy to help you avail cheap flights. 

• Go on their Website 

Most airline companies have their very own websites. The airline companies offer discounts that are specific to their website users only. If you are trying to book the cheapest flight tickets then the best way to do so is to opt for offers provided on the website. 


Depending on which season you want to travel in, the prices will rise or fall. For example, in the winter and more importantly in the summer months the frequency of travel increases. Families decide to go for extended vacations, couples take trips, friends travel over the weekends. With the frequency of travel increasing in the summer and winter months, the price of the tickets will also undoubtedly increase. Due to this, the more economically friendly season to travel in would be the monsoon months. Since it is also in the middle of the year, monsoon is one of the cheapest times of the year to travel. 

Escape the Monsoons 

In India, specifically the coastal areas of the country can experience over-bearing monsoons. Many people would have the urge to escape the monsoons. Thus, one way to do so is to travel somewhere where either the monsoons are not so severe, or an international destination that isn’t in the same season as India. In India, inland cities like Rajasthan and cities on the wrong side of the Aravalli Hills do not face severe monsoons. Thus, if you want to escape the monsoon, this is one destination to keep in mind. If you are thinking of international destinations, then places like Dubai and Doha are two attractive destinations that have little to no monsoon season. 

Other tricks to booking cheaper tickets would include:

•Booking your flight tickets in the middle of the week as compared to heavy traction days like the weekends. 

•Travelling in the wee hours of the morning or later at night to avail the cheapest prices 

•While booking your flight tickets, book them in Incognito mode to avoid a price hike that may occur. 


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