This year gave rise to plenty of bold shoe trends, but that doesn’t mean they’re all sticking around. We’re saying see ya to the new balance and the standard slider, and welcoming quirky prints and textures into our lives. 



One rather intriguing spring 2017 footwear trend out there and it has everything to do with snakeskin. Really interesting creations have been brought to the Fashion Week runways as such, including some crazy picks from Marc Jacobs and some half and half looks as per Louis Vuitton. Brands like KOI footwear have introduced faux snakeskin into their ranges with strappy sandals and block heel ankle boots featuring this interesting textile.

Open Backs

Whether as part of the chunky collections with ankle straps that are chunky and thick, or with thin strands heavy with colours and patterns, the humble mule footwear is totally in. Givenchy gives the trend a whole new look really with laced up mules that sport kitten heels and are worn with thick socks underneath. Pretty snazzy.

Socks n Sandals

Yep, you read that right. It’s time to pay homage to all the Dads who’ve been keeping this one going for the past 100 years – sock and sandals and very, very much in. There are some incredibly gorgeous pieces that really look so very lovely on the legs, emphasising the best parts of the lower limbs and creating some intriguing textures. Try some black glitter socks with a bring strappy sandal, go all out with chunky block heels and striped knee high socks. Why the hell not?


One of the top summer 2017 shoe trends to pull into focus is the platform trend, adding height and loveliness to just about any shoe. For all the vertically challenged ladies out there, we can FINALLY look average height without killing ourselves in heels all day – a-flipping-men! Try some edgy black platforms, or release your inner spice girl with a fresh metallic pair.