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Return is a proclamation of specified details, associated with business movement taken on by the taxable individual throughout a set period. It is a significant tool for the income department to gather the financial information and other associated detail of the assessee. This will allow the department to have an actual database that will in turn assist them for implementing the fulfillment part, as needed by the commandment of land. Therefore, return procedure has become an influential tool to apply the data and income compilation scheme so also it has been highlighted as one of the relevant procedure in the GST rule. The acquiescence and processing of return is a significant connection between the taxpayer and tax management. Thus, understanding of the whole return procedure in GST rule becomes requirement of the day. This post will talk about the unspoken features of the procedure associated with the GST return.

As it is necessary, each listed individual is needed to file returns for the set tax period within the predetermined due dates as described in the law. The GSTN on employment will give a user id and password that shall be employed by him for tax return filing on the general portal.

The GSTR1 and GSTR2 will include information related to sales and purchases from different types of suppliers or vendors, exports or imports, sales or purchase returns, debit and credit notes etc., involving amendment and changes of the previous returns if any. Additionally, GSTR3 form is a monthly return that will be a combination of Forms 1, 2, 6 and 7 along with information from tax liability, ITC ledger, and cash ledger, while GSTR4 form is especially for mixing taxpayers and GSTR5 is for NRI taxpayers. Though, GSTR8 is for filing yearly return in which each listed taxable individual shall provide with return for each financial year, apart from an ISD deductor, an informal taxable individual and a NRI taxable individual. Additionally, taxable individuals who get their accounts reviewed as prearranged in section 42(4) are needed to automatically file yearly return in this segment.

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