Everything You Need To Know About Beard & Beard Trimmers

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According to Time magazine, razor sales have been shaved down by as much as 10% the past year, thanks to the ever-growing popularity of full-on beards. Beards are making a comeback. It may be an indication that the hipster culture is becoming more popular, and, ironically, becoming more and more mainstream. This culture shift has occurred thanks to the hipster subculture that promoted a penchant for the homeless look: old and faded clothing, eyeglasses with large frames, and, of course, full-on beards.

It’s not the first time that beards have become popular. It was only in the past century that clean-shaven looks became acceptable. Beards have long been regarded as a sign of virility among men in most cultures, and rightfully so, because beards make a person look more mature than if he were clean-shaven. Whatever the reason is for the resurgence of full beards, it’s quite an opportune time for a man to have a beard. It’s the 21st century, after all, and we now have the technology to maintain beards much more quickly than before.

There’s no chore more daunting for people with facial hair than managing one’s beard. Managing your facial hair is harder than it sounds. You must either have it professionally run by a barber or you must trim it on your own. Shaving your beard on your own may be a messy ordeal. Scissors and razors are tough to use on yourself, even if you’re in front of a mirror. You will waste most of your effort in trying to make your cuts even, and that rarely ever happens. Using a hair clipper on yourself may yield your desired results, but cleaning it up takes more effort. Hair clippers require constant lubrication and cleaning, and you have to fix their power cords every time you use them. If you’re travelling, there is almost no other choice than to have your beard trimmed by a barber. The problem is that your trusted barber is not the one who will cut your beard. These are the reasons why best beard trimmers were invented.

Beard trimmers are made for the convenience of those who want to get a neat, but rugged, look. They are perfect for the scruffy, bearded man on the go. Beard trimmers are the more portable, easier to use versions of hair clippers. Beard trimmers, as the name implies, are made just to trim beards. Some may say that having a beard trimmer and an electric hair clipper is just pointless, but bearded men may beg to disagree. It may be something that only bearded men can understand, but it all boils down to convenience. In this article, we will discuss an outstanding beard trimmer, the Panasonic ER224S.

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