Everything You need to Know about Car Cameras

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Car cameras are one of the most neglected devices when it comes security issues related to cars.Car Cameras or as we say them the Dash Cams are the regular cameras specially made for being mounted to the Dashboard of Cars to record the whole journey from behind the Windshield.


The Dash Cams have really a number of benefits, and most common of them is claiming the losses from the insurance companies in case of collisions.But in reality, Dash cams help more than that and today here we are going to explain everything about how car cameras are made and their uses.

Car camera is truly no different than a regular camera, it comes with a 3 inches display to monitor the view, a suction cup to mount it easily to the dashboard and a cable to keep it powered.There are number of cheap dash cams available in the market but we would advise you to invest in some good dash camera which comes with great specifications

Since you drive your car on multi-lane roads, all the dash cameras come with Multi-wide angle lens up to 170 degrees, recording the complete front view as similar to what you see with your naked eyes in real.

They come with inbuilt storage and the option to expand storage.The dash cams generally come with weak batteries or batteries that won’t last for much time, hence it is advised to keep it plugged in all the time through the car charger it comes with so that you do not miss any of the important recordings.

But How will the Dash Cams help You?

Dash Cams can help you in a number of ways, and below we have listed most of them:

1.Driving Accidents:

Car accidents are the worst thing which can happen to you.Even when no one is injured, both the parties try to accuse one other and prove themselves wrong.To avoid all those stuff you can mount a dash cam in your car, and have the recording a video proof that it was not your fault.

Accidents in Parking

People in car parking do not care if the other cars are being scratched.There have many many instances where lovely car paint has been chirped of by some other car owner, so here comes the use of car cameras, they do not stop recording even in parking.So if you come back and see a big scratch in your car door, you should have the proof on who did that?

Insurance Fraud

Many people come intentionally in front of your car to claim their insurance, so if you do not have proof, you will get into trouble

It’s quite heartbreaking to say but people are hungry for money and they can go to any extent to earn some.Injury insurance is only dispersed when the subject met with some accident and for subject that next source o accident could be your car

Trip Documentation

This one is not related to any legal issues, instead, it is related to fun moments.Dash cams can be very good to record the road trips, while you keep enjoying everything.

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