Excel At What You’re Good At or Try Something New? How About Both?

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It’s a question that I always ask myself, and I was thinking seriously about it as I was goofing off and playing Bejeweled last night. There are plenty of other game apps that I can get off my phone and for some reason; I still end up on Bejeweled and only Bejeweled.  I think I know why.  Since I was a little kid, it’s always been the arcade game that I am the best at and thus the most comfortable playing.   But does that mean that I shouldn’t play other arcade games?


There’s nothing wrong with continuously doing what you are good at – for me, running, writing, English and History classes. But every once in awhile, you need to step out and try something different – whether it’s Angry Birds or that new spin class at the gym. Otherwise, you’ll get bored with your routine and your interests, and forget about what made you love them so much in the first place. So, that’s one of my goals for school: In addition to keeping up with my current interests, try new things. One thing that I’m adding to my workout routine is an ice skating class. I also have access to a gym and plan on adding strengthening exercises to my normal running routine.  I’m taking some classes that I’ve never taken before- web design and German. And all of it, despite being stuff that is new, is stuff that is still interesting to me. Thus I am comfortable with it. Stepping out of your comfort zone might be good as well, every once in awhile, with something that you normally never would do:  second semester I am going to take a science, a lab science if I can, even though science has never really been my thing.  I’ll probably choose something with a biological focus, because that’s the only aspect of science that I’ve always found incredibly interesting.  And remember, if you pay attention and are interested in what you are doing, whether it is a class, a workout routine, or nurturing a friendship, you will always excel over time.


The second thing I want to do is focus on bettering what I am already good at so that I don’t stay stagnant. Back to Bejeweled: I continuously get to level five and then die. Playing like that will be fun for a while, but eventually, you will start to wonder what the point of playing even is any more. Same with anything. My running routine, for example, has consistently been around 20 miles a week, all summer, running them recreationally, not planning specific workouts like intervals, tempos, or fartlek. Well, now I need some more focus to my running.  So I might pick some mid – fall races and make a workout plan targeted to increasing speed and distance. Another example? I preferred to buy college essays online instead of writing them by my own, and now I’m trying to change that.  I’ll have to challenge myself to new ideas and learn how to perfect my writing skills as well as by reading (the best way to learn to write is through reading).

So that’s that: try new things, and keep moving forward with the things that you already do, rather than staying stagnant.  Sounds like a plan to me.  Who knew such thoughts about life could come out of a simple game of Bejeweled?

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