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What is the best and fastest way to a man’s heart? It can surprise you that the fastest way is through his stomach. This is not a new statement. This is true right since the day the first man set his foot on this planet. Even today, this is one of the best gift ideas for men.

Today is your man’s birthday and you have decided to gift him something. What will you give him? You are at crossroads because he has everything in the world you can imagine. However, he has to eat every day. Therefore the best gift for him is to order his favorite meal and have him entirely by your side on his special day. 

It would be a greater gift idea if you could cook the food for him. He would relish the same. You can have a candle lit dinner on his favorite yacht. Instead of going to an expensive hotel to have food, arrange for transporting your home made food to the yacht without his knowledge. You can see the grin and surprise on his face when he finds out that the food available on his yacht tastes exactly like his home food. You can break out the suspense at this moment. You can be sure his eyes will be welled by his tears. Of course, they are tears of happiness.

If there is one weakness most men in the world have, it is their liking for good food. In case the woman of his dreams prepares and serves the food to him on his birthday, you can be sure his joy does not know any bounds.  

Alternatively, you can give him a treat by taking him to his favorite restaurant and ordering his favorite food. Imagine the surprise he feels when he sees you enjoying the dishes he loves. This can increase his joy manifold. 

Today is his day. He deserves the best of everything in life. One of the most unique gifts for men is to let him have a chance to pursue his hobby. In this busy world, the hobbies are the first things he sacrifices in his search for achieving prosperity. You and your children are his main responsibilities. He strives hard to give you the best of everything in life. Under such circumstances it is surely a great idea to take him back to his roots and let him enjoy his hobby. It could be something as trivial as collecting marbles and stamps to something as extravagant as learning how to fly an airplane.

He will definitely find a great sense of joy if you could introduce some of his forgotten hobbies such as listening to old classics on the gramophone player. You can have someone dust out and service the old player lying in the attic. Surprise him with his favorite song on his favorite gramophone player. He would give anything to have these few moments of happiness. In his happiness, lies your happiness as well. This is the essence of life.   

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