Eyebrow Embroidery – Things You Need to Know

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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Do you believe in this statement? It’s most definitely true. The first thing that a person looks at you is your eyes. Your eyes say the remaining story about you.

For people, who have thin or not so prominent eyebrows, here is your chance to get your eyebrows thickened through a technique called eyebrow embroidery, eyebrow tattooing, it’s just called by different names at different parts of the world.

Eyebrow embroidery to make you brows bold

It’s all about your brows. How to make it perfect in shape and looks? The experts will give you suggestions as well as enquire you about how you would like your brows. Based on these initial levels of consultation, the cosmeticians will work on your brows to place a layer of colouring beneath your skin to increase the density of your brows and to make it beautiful.

How does Eyebrow embroidery work?

Eyebrow Embroidery Korea  Eyeline Makeup Korea

Eyebrow embroidery Korea works on the principle of placing a colouring beneath your skin with the use of small needles by pricking on top of the skin. This process gives density to your brows and makes it look thicker and more beautiful on your eyes. The cosmetic professionals are experts as they have undergone eyebrow embroidery and eyelash extensions training seoul to handle your cosmetic procedure.

Who can do it?

Pretty much anyone can do it. Whoever would like to get a thicker brow to add more beauty to their eyes can go for eyebrow embroidery. There are no restrictions as to who can get an eyebrow tattoo Korea. It is for everyone who would like a thicker brow and a shape that they desire.

How long does it stay?

Because this is a semi-permanent makeup, the eyebrow pigments stay for as long as 2 years. After which they slowly lose their colour and become non-existent. One might need to check up with the cosmetics once in a while to fix their eye brows in a timely manner.

Eyebrow embroidery is safe

When we talk about eyebrow tattoo Korea it doesn’t have to scare you right away. If you understand how the eyebrow embroidery works all your fears would be alleviated. It’s almost like a hair stroke where you place a pigment of colouration behind the skin to make it look bold. This is a trusted cosmetic technique that is performed all over the world and has proved to be effective and safe. Whatsoever, you need not worry about the safety as it is completely safe.

Get your eyebrows done from eyebrow embroidery Korea for stunning looks that you always desired.

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