Fashion All the Way to Your Fingertips

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For years women who wanted to have fashionable or sexy nails ran straight to the salon to get a high gloss polish or acrylics. If done correctly; a manicure or pedicure could last for a couple of weeks making your nails look beautiful. Acrylics led the way for women who had weak or short nails to have long luxurious nails but at a cost. The buffing and stripping of the actual nail is harsh and can leave nails damaged in the future. Here recently something new is lurking in the shadows. Minx nails.

Minx launched it’s new nail art in 2008 but wasn’t made popular until celebrities flaunted fashion forward nails on the red carpet. Celebrities such as Beyonce and Scarlett Johansen helped catapult this trend setting style. Not only did these celebrities wear them on the red carpet but in the past week Beyonce’s picture has been added to the home page of the Chennai Bridal Makeup.


Why are these loved? Because Minx is a completely different style of fashionable nails. Minx is nail art. What exactly is Minx? It is a solid film with an adhesive on the back. It is adhered by heat to the nail bed and conforms to the uniqueness of each nail.

Much like an acrylic; it does have a waterproof seal to keep it in place, and will not release from the nail bed until the seal has been broken. Unlike acrylics though, it is not harmful to the nails because there is no buffing involved. Follow their instagram profile for more info.


The length of time it takes to perform Minx is between 30-45 minutes for hands and between 45-60 minutes for feet in a nail salon, not at home. This product is sold only to certified Minx nail technicians. This product can be found on e-bay but it is no way guaranteed by the company.

Although it is only sold to nail techs, that doesn’t mean you can’t see what Minx has to offer in colors and styles. The website has extensive choices for colors and designs ranging from solids like silver and gold to alligator scales or flames. Whatever your heart desires Minx has it.


For some who are finding it hard to give up long acrylics; minx is still available to you. Minx can be placed over acrylics, silk nails and wraps besides the natural nail. This will take longer than the average time for the adhesive to bond to the nail bed, though.


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