Festival Essentails!

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With the festival season soon approaching, you need to make sure you’re prepared to attack festivals straight on (or in a slightly wobbly line after too many jagerbombs). From beauty to bum bags we have you covered! My advice is to prepare before you go, as although you can buy pretty much anything on the festival stores, you’ll also spend a fortune so be ready in advance!

Prepare for the Rain… and the Sun!

If you’re going to a British festival, it’s likely you will be hit with rain. Make sure you’ve got your waterproof tent, waterproof jacket, wellies, umbrella, spare clothes (especially socks) and more than one pair of shoes to get you through the muddy weekend. In the unlikely event you encounter some sun, be prepared with your suncream, sunglasses and plenty of water to stay hydrated! 

Home Comforts

When in a freezing cold tent in the middle of a field, some home comforts won’t go a miss. Bring along your blanket, favourite snacks, airbed and a big pillow to make sure you can sleep well and make the most of your weekend. 

Beauty Basics

Festivals are the perfect places to express yourself and so you need to have all your beauty essentials with you. Pack your makeup bag, dry shampoo, makeup wipes and glitter to help you feel fresh and look glamorous everyday! When going to a festival, you want to make sure that you feel confident and sparkle from day to night, so make sure you get yourself some face glitter, use a safe glue, and put it on the tops of your cheekbones, down your centre parting or even on your lips to create a unique and fashionable look. This will add an extra accessory to your outfit and make you feel great all day long. Finally, a bright lipstick is a must to give you that lift you need after a couple of hours of sleep!

Don’t miss out!

If you want to avoid going back and forward to your tent throughout the day, get yourself a bum bag! Pack your essentials including tickets, money, phone, ID, emergency contacts, drinks and snacks so you definitely don’t miss any of your favourite acts during the day because you had to go back to your tent. Keeping at least two of your friends numbers written on paper in your bag is always a good idea as being in a group is best. 


Although taking your iPhone and brand new camera may seem like a good idea, it’s not a sensible one. There are so many opportunities to lose your phone it’s not worth the risk, so I always pick up a cheap £10 phone and disposable cameras to contact anyone you need and capture the memories of the festival! If you do decide to take your phone, make sure you have your portable charger.. or two!

With all of these essentials, you are sure to be prepared for anything over the weekend! Although each festival is different, from Glastonbury to the Isle of Wight Festival these essentials are sure to get you through everything and will make sure you can have the best time with minimal worries. 

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