Festive Bake: TOP 20 Favorite Christmas Desserts

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Christmas is time for sweets and magic. It is much better to have a sweet magic for Christmas. There nothing as much sweet as this family holiday. The Christmas traditions remind us about the family values, kindness, happiness. Christmas cuisine is an important part of these traditions. Every new dish on the feast table plays an important role, asking for wealth, health, love for your family. Probably, the holiday desserts are much evaluated. They are filled with the coins, nuts, candies, figures and other surprises that are aimed to foretell much happiness.

Every country boasts its own favorite Christmas dessert. Thus, Germans cannot have their holiday without a strudel, English, Australians and Americans like pudding, Scandinavian people make a plum pie. Italians like the fruit pie. The French always cook their favorite chocolate pie in a form of a log. Only fresh ingredients are used: fresh, canned, pickled, fruits, nuts, cheese, chocolate, liquors, creams, ice cream. Of course, the aromatic spices are also needed: cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, cardamom, lemon and orange peel. Whenever you are, just cook something sweet for your family for Christmas.




Christmas Pudding, Great Britain

It is hardly imagine having the Christmas Eve without the Christmas Pudding. Of course, this popular dessert is not as tasty as you can imagine. Nevertheless, this is still the main Christmas symbol all over the Britain.

Dulce de Leche, Argentina

Meet the big proud of Argentina. This dessert consists of milk and sugar that are boiling all together to make a caramel. The name of the dessert can be translated as the milk candies.




Bolo Rei, Portugal

Bolo Rei is also known as the Royal cake. Actually, this is traditional Portuguese sweet bread made of nuts and candied fruits that is served for Christmas and on January, 6 for another popular holiday – Kings’ Festival. So, if you cannot cook the dessert, you can buy it from the best confectionary shop in the city – Pasteis de Belem. Just hire a car in Lisbon and go to the address Rua de Belem, 84 84, 1300-085 Lisbon.

Mazariner, Sweden

The recipe of these tasty almond pies came from Italy. They were called in honor of the Italian-French cardinal and politician Jules Mazarin (1602-1661). So, if the dessert is still cooked it means that it is really tasty.

Cherry Pie, Netherlands

Do you like the Schwarzwald cake? Actually, Cherry Pie from Netherlands is analogous dish: chocolate cake with cherries.

Gulab Jamun, India

Gulab Jamun is one of the most popular desserts in India that must be cooked for Christmas. This is the sweet milky balls with the sugar liquor with rosy aroma.

Vinarterta, Iceland

This layer cake is popular for Christmas and winter holidays because of the longevity. It’s amazing, but the dessert can be kept till the spring. What is more, all the recipes of this cake that you can find are different.

Banoffee Pie, England

There is nothing better than the Banoffee Pie in England. It is made of creams, bananas, crumbled cookie, caramelized milk. The pie makes you fat and happy!

Tiramisu, Italy

Tiramisu is the popular coffee dessert that came from Italy. It is made of espresso, eggs, sugar and mascarpone. The taste is amazing! The recipe is popular all over the world and you can find Tiramisu anywhere in the world.




Cranachan, Scotland

This traditional Scottish dessert is made of creams, raspberry, oats and whiskey. This is the way you can impress the guests. Oh, don’t be surprised with whiskey. You are in Scotland!

Rocky Road, Australia

The Christmas Australian dessert Rocky Road is made of the milk chocolate and zephyr. By the way, this dessert is very popular in the USA to be served with ice-cream.

Guiness Chocolate Cake, Ireland

Irish people used to spend their winter holidays with the glass of beer. So, don’t be surprise – alcohol is everywhere on the table, even in the dessert. So, the beer and chocolate are masterfully combined in the Christmas cake! Try it.

Three Milk Cake, Mexico

As you guessed, the popular cake Three Milk is made of three kinds of milk. The dessert is light and tasty. It is perfect for everyone, even if you are on diet.




Devil’s Biscuit, USA

This cake is usually made of the dark chocolate. It’s got its strange name because of the taste. It tastes great! So, many people called it the taste of sin. You want to try it again and again. This dessert is made for Christmas in the regions of America.

Dobos Cake, Hungary

This cake is the best Hungary dessert! It consists of 7 layers, covered with chocolate cream and caramel. The dessert was invented in 1884 and still popular for Christmas.

Brazo de Gitano, Spain

The dessert is as strange and colorful as the Spain is. Nevertheless, the recipe came from the central Europe. It took some time to be one of the main desserts of Spanish cuisine and important part of the holiday table.

Christmas Log, Belgium, France

Christmas Log is a kind of a pie that looks like a tasty log. This is an airy chocolate cake, covered with the chocolate creams, decorated with sugar. The sugar on the cake looks like a snow. So, the cake is called the Christmas Log.

Melomakarona, Greece

These are the tastiest honey cookies! They are the most popular Christmas desserts in Greece. That’s true. You can taste this dessert only for Christmas. All the confectionary shops in the cities are busy with cooking Melomakarona. Try it with the milk chocolate!

Profiterole, France

Do you know this dessert? This is a favorite dessert for millions. Nothing special, just the baked balls filled with the creams and hot chocolate. Try to say stop and don’t eat much. They are super tasty but caloric.




Panettone, Italy


They are popular all over the territory of Europe. This is a kind of tasty Christmas bread that was firstly cooked in Milan. This is the symbols of Milan now. You can meet this dessert in Europe, South America, USA, Japan.

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