Fictions are Factualized: The Lightning McQueen is now with us for real

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Sphero has always been surprising us with its cool and smart toys. Back in 2011, it launched Star Wars BB-8 Toy that rolled all around the house and responded to the words The Force Awakens which was a huge success. Now, Sphero has come out with a smartphone controlled which is – believe it or not – as lifelike as the Car’s Lightning McQueen. This animatronic toy car has every detail of The Lightning McQueen from the movie – yes, it feels real! It is so captivating that it is not wise to use the term “toy car” since it incorporates such highly advanced robotics.

According to Sphero, the engineers in the company worked in close coordination with the animators of Pixar to ensure that the robotics marvel just moved like the CG character in the Cars movie. The fantabulous car is perfectly anthropomorphized – it has LCD eyes that move, moving bumper mouth and animated suspension that gives you the same feeling that The Lightning McQueen gave in the movie.

There is more – this toy car has over hundreds of varieties of phrases that it speaks which sounds quite similar to the brilliant voice actor Owen Wilson, unlike the Sphero’s popular BB-8 where the voice came from the associated app. Mc Queen car videos have taken the Youtube by storm, and is now one of the favorite kids videos.

Sphero’s Ultimate Lightning McQueen has copious of cool hardware and tech to look out for. There are five capacitive touch sensors installed in it, so that it responds to your touch and make it feel real-like. It has light sensors, motion sensors and touch panels on the roof, hood, doors and even in the rear of the vehicle or near the tail fin – no doubt, it costs $300 – to make the car more responsive. There are five motors installed in this car to allow it to push the car up and down and across the room and a sixth motor inside its mouth to allow movement. This car has three processors inside to run everything. There is an accelerometer installed inside the car which means that the car is smart enough to know when you pick it up or turn it over.

You can drive, race and even program the Lightning McQueen – you just need the free iOS or Android App to do so. This app offers you a responsive remote control meant for driving the Ultimate Lightning McQueen just like the movie and has virtual rewards for winning races. You will also find an Acting Studio in the app which can allow your toy car to take up any of the 300 built-in animations for the car, some of which include “Focus, Focus” and “Come on, let’s go!”. You can quickly replay the scripts with a simple touch and also save and edit them later if you want.

This car can speed upto 6 miles an hour and each charge can provide you with 40 minutes of playtime. There is no off switch to this car, it has automated sleep mode which activates after a certain period of inactivity. This car can be pushed manually around and the drive motors will not get damaged – thanks to the smart engineering done by Sphero.

This toy car is a huge leap in the world of robotics.



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