Find Out What a Shoe Repair Service Can Do For You

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There is no shame in being a penny pincher and not jumping to buy new shoes as soon as your current pair is old or damaged. It might be that you are environmentally conscious and understand how difficult it is to recycle old shoes. Whatever the case, shoe repairing in Poole is almost always an option. There are a few things that a good shoe repairer can do for you. 

Lift Replacement

The little piece at the bottom of your high-heels is called the lift. Because of its small surface area, the lift can wear much quicker than the rest of the shoe. This is relatively easy to repair as all it takes is removing the old lift (usually made from synthetic material such as nylon) and nailing or gluing a new one. A spike heel may require the lift and dowel replaced together.

Sole Replacement

As shoes wear, holes may begin to appear. Even when none are visible, you may feel too close to the ground or as if you are walking barefoot. Rather than purchase a new shoe, a sole replacement will suffice as long as the top of the shoe is still in good condition. Leather is a much better option than synthetic replacement because it lasts longer.

It is essential that you get a repairer who is familiar with resoling. If the new sole is not sized properly, you could loose up to a full shoe size. A good sign is the repairer has a foot-size form.

Heel Replacement

Well-worn heels are uncomfortable, unsightly and even painful. If a worn heel is the only problem, a Poole shoe repairs service is a good alternative to buying a new pair. Heel replacement options include leather, rubber or a combination of both. Most people prefer the leather and rubber combination because these are generally the best quality. The combination heel also looks good and is often used on expensive heels.

A rubber heel replacement is a great option if you prefer quiet heels that don’t click while you walk.

Comfort Adjustment

Shoe repair is not confined to damaged shoes. There is a variety of adjustments that can be made for comforts’ sake.

Insoles, for example, are good for tightening loose fitting shoes and adding an extra layer of cushioning. These are available in leather or flat foam. Contour insoles are designed to prevent your foot from sliding inside the shoe.

Jimmy’s are thin pieces of felt foam or cork which are used to adjust the size of the shoe. This alteration is perfect for people who are in-between shoe sizes. Simply buy the bigger shoe, and the Jimmy inserted for a tight fit.

It is worth speaking to a shoe repairer before throwing out your old shoes. You may even be surprised to find additional services including half price curtain cleaning and more.

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