Find out Why You Should Change Your Skin Care Routine Every Season?

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Ah! A change of seasons It is as natural as can be, and if you think about it, it has always been like that for ages.  Even when we are more frequently experiencing odd weather changes due to global climate change, the point is that seasonal change is real and the weather will keep changing because our planet is part of a bigger universe that influences it.

Your Skin And The Universe.

How you treat your skin, that is, fairly or poorly, will have an effect on how badly or, how gracefully your skin will eventually age. Just like our planet reacts to the positioning of the universe, the season of skin is as real as the fact that your skins behavior is influenced by environmental conditions too. Now, that goes beyond the regular body environment of your skin, right? Nevertheless, it is a factor to consider.

Here are the top five reasons why you should consider changing your skincare routine as often as the seasons change:

What winter skinneeds, spring skinprobably already has.

Talk about moisture, for instance.  Winter is dry, harsh and windy. These are conditions that leave your skin flaky and thirsty for moisture.  Spring, on the other hand, signifies the time of growth, a season when the air is cooler but not dry and harsh.  While you need a deep, creamy moisturizer therefore in winter, you should probably replace that with a more lightweight serum or, perhaps a water-based moisturizer in spring.

Different seasons make your skin behave differently.  

Dry skin on naturally oily skin types during the colder months will make the skin overproduce grease even more, for instance.  Summer is likely to cause your pores to open wide as the dry and extremely hot weather sucks out the moisture off of your skin. On both seasons, your skin will keep benefitting from the basic three-step routine, that is, cleanse, tone and moisturize but, you will need very different products to get that routine done.

During the colder months, you need a cleanser and toner that will help mildly lift and slough off your skins top layers with every wash or application. Thats because dry skin is prevalent in autumn and winter seasons, and you dont want those flakes to block your pores. On warmer months, you need hydrating cleansers and toners to add more moisture to your summer moisturizer.

You perform very different sets of activities across seasons. 

In general, colder weather forces you to stay indoors while the hotter months lure you to the beach and the sand. While you need sunscreen in winter and autumn, the season of skin in summer and spring compels you to wear a more potent sunscreen to anticipate longer hours under the sun. Also, your water sports activities will require you to keep reapplying your sunscreen throughout the day for it to stay in effect.

Your skin priorities change depending on what environmental factor you need to address.

In winter, you need a combination of regular exfoliation and deep moisturizing to beat the dry weather that flakes your skin. Add to that, the moisturizing and misting you need to keep doing on-the-go.

In the hotter months, you will likely need to be more into a moisturizing and oil regulating routine.  You need to purify your sticky skin with a toner that matches the job.  You will also need to fold in a purifying face mask into your weekly routine to keep your pores uninfected, and your skin blemish-free.

The prevailing season can make your products misbehave too.  

In the same way that the seasons affect your skin, the prevailing weather also affect the performance of your products.  A thick moisturizer, for example, will definitely grease on you when worn in summer but, a spray-on moisturizing mist wont.  A regular sunscreen may be enough sun protection for your skin in autumn but, you will need higher SPF, water-resistant, and an antioxidant-infused sunscreen product in spring and winter when harsher sun rays and extended sun time can be expected.


Jennifer Lopez once shared her insight about being older and more beautiful, saying, I think in the past, the thought was your 20s are when you are at your best, and after that it’s downhill. Now women are realizing that we are at our best as we get older.  Improve your chances of achieving that by patiently adjusting your skincare routine every time a new season takes over.

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