Finding The Right Car For a Sweet 16 Present

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You have been preparing for this event since your child was born. The day that he or she turns 16, the day when young adults are able to drive off on their own into the big, wide world that awaits. For many parents, this moment is bittersweet; their teens are fast approaching adulthood and are ready to begin shouldering more responsibility. What better way for parents to commemorate this momentous occasion than by gifting their kids with their very own cars. The 16th birthday new car is a time-honored tradition, but what vehicle would make the best present for your teenage prince or princess? To help answer this question, here are three suitable cars that would all make for an unforgettable birthday gift. 


The Chevrolet Camaro


The Chevrolet Camaro features a combination of strength and beauty that appeals to male and female drivers alike. The two-door muscle car is available in both coupe and convertible design and was born from many generations of models dating all the way back to 1966. Fifty years later, this sixth generation Chevy Camaro won the Motor Trend 2016 Car of the Year award.


Sure to please even the most discriminating teenager, the latest model boasts visually impressive features like the C-pillar and quarter window area. Performance-wise, the 2016 Camaro carves corners and vehicle’s nimble appearance is further enforced by its wheel-to-body ratio and rear three-quarter view. Even with a turbo four-cylinder engine the new Camaro brings the muscle car to the millennials, and is priced to sell.


The BMW Z4


The BMW Z4 presents itself as a “refined sport touring car,” but despite its sporting exterior design, the interior is unusually spacious and the car still manages to offer adequate trunk space. Where the vehicle lacks in engine size, with only a turbo-4 compared to the previous models inline-6, it makes up for in torque, plus this model has significantly improved its fuel efficiency, which was a weak point of its predecessor, a consideration that young drivers are sure to appreciate.


Another potential draw for teens would be the drivability that comes with the Z4’s optional M Sport package. There’s nothing like taking a Beemer out on a sunny afternoon with the top down.


The Land Rover


The latest Land Rover has the luxury of a premium sedan or SUV and the sportage of the Range Rover Sport. In addition, though, the Land Rover is considered one of the safer vehicles to drive, a relief to parents and a comfort to teens and include safety features like airbags and crash prevention aids.


Though the previous model featured a smaller, tighter cabin design, the modern Rover offers a more spacious cabin design that mirrors the iconic design of the older Range Rovers. Like many Rover makes and models, the focus is on making the driver comfortable with little regard for the passengers, though for a parent wanting to gift a solid, safe car for their 16-year-old and wanting to subtly discourage him or her from driving with friends, this might not be such a bad thing.


There is a perfect car for every driver out there, and for parents who wish to encourage their teens to take on more responsibility while also discovering themselves, choosing and gifting that perfect vehicle to their child could ensure that the 16th birthday is definitely sweet.





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