Fine Dining on the Go train

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I think it is safe to assume that all of us or at least most of us living in India have at some point in our life travelled overnight in a train. Needless to say, it is one of the best experiences ever. If you travel alone then just lying on your bunk, listening to some music slowly drifting away into deep sleep by the gentle rocking of the train, just talking about it makes me want to grab my stuff and set out on a journey. If you travel with your loved ones then staying awake till late and just talking and spending quality time in the train is the best feeling ever. But not every aspect of travelling overnight in a train is this appealing, especially the food offered in trains. What they try to pass for food is blasphemous. It is nothing short of cruelty to offer human beings who have paid for food what they offer. The food is stale, at least a day old, cold, and smells of something entirely different.

Solution to all your woes

Nothing is fun in an empty stomach and travelling in a train is no exception. So,travellers’ due to lack of better alternatives either used to gulp down whatever they had to offer and risk food poisoning or bring food from home. But now all of this is in the past because you can now order food online from several websites like,, etc. while you are on the train and hot and fresh food would be delivered straight to your seat. You would not even have to move from your seat and you would get fresh tasty food served right to you with the option off cash on delivery and online payment.

Now you can significantly improve the quality of your journey using online food delivery in trains. Gone are the days when you had to worry about food poisoning while having a meal in train. Online food delivery from the restaurants is of great help to a lot of travellers because now you get to choose from a wide array of dishes. Before this people had two options veg or non-veg. Also, to add to the woes of the travellers, the staff who served the food in the train where rude and showed complete disregard for the people travelling.


If you have travelled in a train overnight or you are going to travel in the near future you are better of opting to not pay for meals served in the train but rather order food of your choice via online food ordering on the go. Ordering is as simple as going to the above-mentioned websites inputting the details of which train you are on and your seat number, choosing from a wide variety of dishes and that’s it. You get served with food of your choice to your seat, and you can enjoy your food and the journey to the fullest without any tension.

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