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Firelight by Sophie Jordan

Publisher: HarperTeen

Released: September 2010

Pages: 336


ThoughtsFirelight is another recently-released YA that got a lot of hype. This time, I don’t quite agree. The concept is great, I will grant that. But I felt as if most of the book was a never-ending cycle of Jacinda saying “I want Will but I can’t have him so I don’t want him but I ACTUALLY DO want him—-” over and over. Just a titch annoying.


The opening chapter was fantastic— I was immediately sucked in. But then Jacinda and her family went off to have a “normal life”, and things got boring. Let’s go back to Dragon Land! There is more excitement to be had in Dragon Land! C’mon!


Though the whole romance with Will, Dragon Hunter, was smoldering, it really had no reason to happen. Okay, there was probably some “soulmate” stuff going on, but in my opinion, that’s a cheap gimmick to get characters to love each other instantly.


Alright, those were my negatives. Like I said, I enjoyed the opening chapter, and I also enjoyed the surprise ending involving Will. The land of the dragons looked like it would shape up to be pretty cool, but again, we didn’t see much of it. Jacinda’s mom and sister were interesting plot devices, and I enjoyed becoming quite frustrated with them. The concept of “killing” one’s inner draki was interesting as well.  I fell in love with the characters, the setting, and the story immediately.

If you’re looking for a book to put you right on the edge of your seat, it is a perfect choice.

It will win over the hearts of all readers with its creative concept, lovable characters, and thrilling storyline.


Overall, I’d say Firelight was alright. If it didn’t have Jacinda’s constant attachment-avoidance cycle, I would have been more satisfied, I think. Here’s to hoping the next book will return us to doing more dragonfly things (‘cause you know it will…!).

Have any of you read it, guys? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion in the comments below! I’d gladly discuss this book with you personally.
Don’t forget to make some tea and read a few pages before going to bed. Now, guys, go and have a nice day! Remember it is always good to read a cool story but it’s better to live it!  I’m really grateful to you for staying with me!

 See you soon!

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