Fit a Caterer to Your Event, Not Your Event to the Caterer

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When it comes to things that can make or break an event, few are more important than the food. There is a lot of pressure to serve food that is accessible, delicious, high quality, and fresh, not to mention provide enough options that people who are gluten-free, vegetarian, and have allergies will be satisfied.

Often, conversations with Catering Services lead event planners to rethink their entire event. That does not have to be the case.

In Philadelphia, there is a huge range of restaurants and catering companies that provide a delicious catering experience. These caterers provide cuisine that ranges from Mexican to fine dining and everything in between. No matter what atmosphere, theme, or style you want for your event, there is a catering service in the city that can provide it.

Keep in mind these three tips when talking with a caterer to decide if the company is a good fit for your event.

#1: Interest and Investment in Your Event
When you call a catering company your initial questions are usually about the menu, delivery, and other services provided by the company. In this call, you often learn a great deal about the company, but did the caterer learn anything about you and your event?

First, a caterer should be interested in your event for practical reasons. To provide the best service, the caterer needs to know the size of your event, where it is taking place, and the occasion, even if it is just an office lunch.

Second, whether a caterer seems invested in your event in this first conversation is a huge indication of the caterer’s performance later on. While the quality of food and accuracy of your food order is essential, so is customer service. A catering company that doesn’t deliver on both of those points is unlikely to be a hit at your event.

#2: Talk about the Menu Options
Every catering company has strengths and weaknesses. At Waterfront Gourmet Catering & Event we know our strengths are freshly made foods. We keep our menu options interesting, because our customers like to try something different than the standard sandwich spread, but also familiar. Other caterers will have their unique way of approaching menu offerings.

Another essential thing to consider is whether a caterer can provide menu options for allergies or other dietary restrictions. Today, most caterers are accustomed to providing vegetarian options as part of a menu, but not always. As well, it can be more difficult to find a caterer that handles gluten restrictions, peanut allergies, or allergies to garlic and onion.

If that information is not immediately apparent on a caterer’s website or through initial conversations, it is a great idea to speak with the caterer directly about these dietary issues before you book.

Simply, Ask.
Often, catering companies will service a wide range of events, but typically, there is a market that fits its strengths and prior experience. Asking about a caterer’s prior experience and what the company does well can give you an abundance of information. You might learn that a caterer does well with small, social gatherings, but has never done a corporate atmosphere before.

Also, remember the catering company is invested in the success of your event, as its reputation is at stake. It can be incredibly beneficial, for both parties, if you simply ask the caterer if this event is the right venue for its food and services.

Choosing a Caterer
If you are prepared to book your corporate event, summer party, or another event with the catering services at Waterfront Gourmet Catering & Event, it is incredibly easy! Give us a call in University City at (267) 308-5108.

For more information about penn’s landing events and Philadelphia Catering Company Visit: Waterfront Gourmet Cafe & Deli.

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