Five Luxury Items to Help You Unwind In Style

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When you are in need of some serious relaxation, you could jet off to an amazing tropical location and lounge on a gorgeous beach. Or, you could invest in a number of amazing and luxurious products that can help you relax in style from the comfort of home. For example, check out the following ideas:

A Cocooning Lounge

While spending a blissful afternoon poolside in your backyard oasis, cool off in a Coco One cocooning lounge. As ZDNet notes, the cocoon features LED lights, electronic functions that are compatible with iPads and sound dampening technology. Add in some refreshing adult beverages and delicious snacks and you might be tempted to never go back inside.

A Smartphone with a Virtual Assistant

You may already have an assistant either at home or work who helps you in a variety of ways, but he cannot be on the clock 24/7. This is where a virtual assistant like Bixby on the Samsung Galaxy S8 plus will come in handy. Samsung’s Bixby technology will learn and adapt to your preferences as well as coordinate your plans. You can use voice, text or touch to communicate with Bixby — it understands all three. Knowing that you have a virtual assistant like Bixby handling a variety of things will help you to be on your way to unwinding even faster, and with fewer hassles.

The Tranquility Pod

The ultimate in relaxation technology, the Tranquility Pod from Hammacher Schlemmer costs a cool $30K, but it will put you into a state of relaxation like you wouldn’t believe. The pod features a 76-inch wide memory foam cushion topped with ultra-suede that covers an octagonal waterbed. The pod uses gentle vibration, sounds and soft light to help you unwind. The fiberglass pod blocks out 90 percent of outside noise and the four-speaker sound system can play through an iPod or iPhone. The pod also features an innovative biofeedback system that uses a pulse sensor that syncs up with your heart rate. Climb into the pod, lie down and let the wonder of technology work its magic to transport you into a state of blissful calm and relaxation.

SubPac Wearable Subwoofer

If listening to music helps you to wind down after a stressful day, feeling the music can really help you relax in style. The SubPac M2 is a wearable woofer that lets your body literally feel the beat, thanks to the help of its high-fidelity and innovative sound system. The SubPac M2 works by transferring low frequencies to your body. Amazingly, those around you will only hear low music but the wearable woofer will let you “hear” the music through its transducers and vibrotactile technology. Put on your most relaxing music, be it a classical symphony, jazz album or whatever you like and let the SubPac do the rest.

Nox Music Smart Sleep Light


If you are having a hard time winding down at night after a busy and stressful workday, the Nox Music Smart Sleep Light can help you fall asleep faster. The Nox comes with a light that emits red wavelengths, that are supposed to help boost your levels of melatonin. It also includes a sound machine with soothing lapping ocean waves that can help you drift off to the land of nod. Once you fall asleep, the lights and sound will shut off.

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