Five Magical Ways of Carpet Cleaning

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Carpets in the house give theclean,tidy and cozy feel. Carpets are available in wide range of colors and prints. Carpets are never out of fashion,even these days they are seen widely in many official buildings,offices, and homes.  The main issue is with its cleaning. Cleaning carpet for unseen dirt becomes tricky. In some cases, this dirt can be the cause of many diseasesincludingallergies. Especiallynewborns seem to get affected by dust and germs of carpets. One may see many shops offering carpet cleaning services. It is good to hire them but one it may be costly, and secondly, they may use harmful chemicals which may be dangerous for crawling kids. There are different ways to clean carpets; some of them are discussed below.

1-Vacuum Cleaner:

            The vacuum cleaner is the most efficient, and effect mean of cleaning thecarpet. The machine used general sucking technique to capture dust from the carpet. A vacuum cleaner comes with avariety of brushes.The brushes serve as ascrubber to scrub hair or thread from the carpet. They should be “must have” in every home. With every passing day. Vacuum cleaners are becoming small and more powerful.


2-Viniger and Water:

            Stains look very odd and unpleasant on plain and lightly colored carpets. So to remove them,one should fill some spray bottle with half and half vinegar and let it be there for sometimes then scrub it with abrush. Don’t use too much solution as it will evaporate natural moisturizer and encourages mold growth. Remember small dose of vinegar will retain original color of the carpet. This mixture is helpful in removing odor too.



Cornmeal is known for its cleaning and refreshing properties. So taking benefit of that property,one can clean the carpet by taking out long-settled dust from thedeeper layer. Let the mixture there for absorbing. Dirt and germs. After some time removes the cornmeal through thevacuum cleaner. Now vacuum cleaner feels easy to suck the mixture and dirt.


4-Baking Soda:

            Baking soda is known for its stain removing and smoothing properties. Mix 1:3 water and baking soda and let it sit for about 3 to five minutes. Let it be there for about ten to thirty minutes. Upon drying either wash with water or just sweep the area, if one adds baking soda into vinegar,he or she will observe dramatic changes. One can vacuum to extract the residual of soda and dust.


5-Carpet Cleaner Shampoo:

Many carpet cleaner shampoos are available in the market which is safe to use with kids.Applying such mixtures will eliminate not only dirt but will kill germs too in few minutes. Moreover, such cleaners are available in avariety of refreshingodors so are friendly to use.


            There may be many other ways to clean the carpets. The best way is to choose theeffective, time-saving and environmental friendly method. Any method of carpet cleaning in which some health hazard involves should be avoided. S

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