Five Top Movies You Should Watch This Weekend

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Are you bored on the weekends while others are having fun? Well, instead of moping around, you can watch movies online from the comfort of your home. Yes, you read that right. Just log on to the website and watch the best of entertainment. We’ve curated five movies you should watch this weekend. Check them out.


 1.    Piku

Follow the story of Bhashkor Banerjee (Amitabh Bachchan) who with his oddities and habit to blame his bowel movements for everything drives everybody in sight crazy. Add to that, his short tempered daughter Piku (Deepika Padukone) having to look after him. Stuck in between the father-daughter (duo) is Khan (Irfan) who has to drive them from Delhi to Kolkata.

Watch it on Saturday Morning, a great start to the weekend.


 2.    Gol Maal (1979)

Ramprasad Sharma (Amol Palekar) gains employment with a fussy man, Bhavani Shankar, who believes that a moustache is the ultimate sign of masculinity. He is dead against his employees getting involved in any form of recreation. Poor Sharma is caught by Shankar at a hockey match. To save his job, Sharma invents a fake twin brother, a clean shaven one whom Shankar’s daughter falls in love with. What follows is nothing but hilarious comedy. Best seen in the afternoon at lunch.

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3.    The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Nothing is better than watching a top-notch thriller late into the night. That’s what this movie is. Journalist Mikael Blomkvist (Daniel Craig) has lost a libel case against businessman Hans-Erik Wennerström. Soon, he is offered damning information against Wennerström if he assists in finding a woman missing for over 40 years. Aiding him in his search is a young genius hacker. 



4.    The Adventures Of Tintin

Start your Sunday morning with a top class animation movie. Credits to Steven Spielberg. Follow our fearless reporter Tintin as he attempts to find a sunken ship and its treasure once headed by Captain Haddock’s ancestors.


5.    Jerry Maguire

Sunday evening is romance and good drama and Jerry Maguire is the top choice. A story of a sports agent who tried to do something good for his client while learning to manage his relationship. It’s Tom Cruise at his very best. 

 Watch these movies and the best Bollywood movies on Sony Liv, India’s top online destination for entertainment. 

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