Ford takes it to the Next Level

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Although Ford has been a global giant as a car manufacturing company for quite a while, yet it has made its presence felt in the Indian market only recently. Only a few years ago ford had only a couple of cars on the market. However, in recent times, ford has understood the capacity of the Indian purchasers and have since been making a genuine effort to impress the Indian buyers with better models with more advanced technology.

check Ford Figo aspire features and price
In its attempt to gain attention in the Indian market Ford launched not one but two cars, which have become extremely popular in the Indian roads. These two cars were the Ford Figo and the Ford Classic. These were closely followed by the launch of the super hit car Ford Ecosport which has taken the lion’s share of the sales all over India in its segment.

The success of the Ford Ecosport has seemed to have made the Ford hungrier than before. It now aims to grab a bigger share of the market in the other segments too. In its bid to do so it is now all set to launch the all-new second-generation Ford Figo and an equally impressive Ford Figo Aspire. These two additions to the Figo family will surely boost the sales if they are anything like the Ford Figo. This article includes the various specifications related to the two cars being launched by Ford in the very near future. It will help the buyer to check Ford Figo aspire features and price and other details to make their mind on buying the best care depending on their need. Some of the changes which have been made are as follows:


Although the design of the cars remains more or less the same, owing to its continuity of the Figo name, the look has changed dramatically. The look of these cars is significantly improved thanks to the ripping of the cosmetics from the inside and the outside portions of the car. It gives a much meaner and leaner look to these cars. Moreover, the company has also added a titanium variant to these cars which looks stunning. A major transformation has also been done to the interior of these cars too. The job done on the Ford Aspire Sedan’s interior is particularly commendable


The performance of these cars is expected to be much improved from the Ford Figo. When one considers that the Ford Figo itself was one of the best-performing cars in the segment, then it goes without saying that these cars will be expected to set the bar higher for all the cars in the category in the performance department at least. The cars will be made available in both petrol and diesel and also automatic and manual variants. The 1.5 diesel unit will be able to make the vehicle more powerful; as it will make 100 BHP instead of the 70 BHP made by the previous 1.4 diesel unit. There also an increase in torque which is up to 215 Nm from the previous 185 Nm.


One of the most important things for anyone buying a car is the price of the vehicle. These cars have been priced at very moderate rates when compared to the features that these cars have to offer. The use of the latest technologies in these cars ensures that the buyer gets the best and the most up to date feature in the cars. With such advanced features, the starting ex-showroom price of 4.54 lacks seems quite reasonable.  It is for these reasons any prospective buyer who can check Ford Figo Aspire features and price, the choice to buy it or not to buy it is pretty simple. 

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