Formal Dress Code Guide for Men

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Formal dress is for men what needle is for a clock. Has to be on point – all day, every day. And when your appearance translates into performance, you have reached the point where it gets crucial. Really crucial. Nothing gets unnoticed from this point, not even the tiny speck of dust on your ‘Gucci shoe’. What’s most bothering for someone who has just set foot into the executive lifestyle is the question of ‘fitting in’ with the crowd. The similitude of which is a security checkpoint at a gala gathering, only the elite pass holders are welcomed in. But these factors shouldn’t bother you as we’ve got you covered with an easy guide to lead the perfect white-collar life…

No. 1 –Fit or rag.

Your attire should either fit you perfectly from end to end or it’s just another piece of rag at home. Even the length of your tie can be a distraction to your boss in a one-to-one altercation. Most people don’t take fittings very seriously and are then left wondering about their supervisor’s dip in mood. The best solution would be to have your formals stitched as per your physique by a personal tailor or find a retailer who’s got your size covered. A loose fit shirt or an excessively skinny pant looks ugly and affects your style of walking. would provide you some more tips and better technique on getting your proper fitting attire.

No. 2 – Mild fragrance.

If you are a follower of the widespread practice, then strong cologne might be your preference before stepping out. But hold on. Did you know that the most appealing form of fragrance in an executive gathering is the kind that gets the passer-by curious to know you more, not to sneeze you away! You got the point here, gentlemen. You can now choose from a distinct range of cologne and save up to 60 $ with Tru Fragrance. That’s yet another reason to smell good! 

No. 3 – Keep a ‘watch’ on yourself.

The first thing that people notice when you settle down in this conference is a little piece of machinery on your wrist Trust us, the watch decides everything about you. Everyone you meet and greet will judge you by the look of your watch (and the brand).Every handshake is a subtle disclosure of what you’re hiding or rather, trying to show-off under your sleeve. Skeleton dial or a pale background. Leather strap or steel-link. Your age and occasion decide the model. And with heavy discounts at Ashford, let the price tag be a worry of the past.

No. 4 – The soothing floor knock.

When choosing a pair of formal shoes, there are at least 99 things that have to be kept in mind, but nothing should be more important its shine. The shine should be bright enough to leave its beholder gazing your feet for a while. Your second concern should be the color. Never opt for a multi or bi-colored shoe in a formal get up. Even an Armani blazer won’t help you out of the situation. The third most important point that you must bear in mind is the sound of the shoe when the heal knocks the floor. Who doesn’t love the echoing clap of a shoe in a silent hallway?!

No. 5 – Not a fancy-dress show.

Avoid flashy and neon clothes at any cost. Flashy clothes are equivalent to a shouting tone and thus, portrays a negative and in some societies, a rude impression first up. Neon colors are a complete no-no at any cost! Keep them handy for your Halloween party or for the long-pending weekend jet ski ride. Only.And if you are looking to revamp your closet with some of the trending formal dress, then Milanoo is the place to be.




No. 6 – The body language.

What would you do with all the expensive brand of attire if the way you stroll in your office is funny? A moderately toned voice backed with confidence dripping off each statement is what is expected from someone who sees himself as the next CEO of a multinational. Walk with bold strides and a stable arm movement. Greet your subordinates the way you would greet your senior.  And do bear in mind that a formal dress code is nothing less than a default indication of mannerism portrayed in its epitome.


If the word ‘formal’ had to be replaced with a synonym, we would choose the word ‘class’ in its place. There is no other word that could give more justice to this sense of dressing style. And even though the casual attire is getting increasingly popular with the upcoming generation of young managers; your formal dress code will always be essential reasons for the long-awaited promotion.

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