Four Celebrities You Might Not Know are House Flippers

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Housing flipping is a popular career option for those with construction experience and money to spend as well as those who have investors who can work with them. You might not realize that some of your favorite celebrities work in this industry too. Some started out flipping homes they bought and lived in for years, but others became flippers after seeing good bargains on the open market. Check out some of their stories to get inspiration for your next flip.

Ellen DeGeneres

DeGeneres spent years starring on television with her own comedy and appearing in films before becoming the host of one of the top daytime television shows on the air. She also married and began her career as a house flipper. Her most successful sale came after she bought the Brody House in Los Angeles for more than $30 million. After just six months of owning the house and doing a small amount of work, she sold it for nearly $50 million and walked away with $15 million in profit. DeGeneres started out slowly with the sale of homes she and her wife lived in before seeing real estate as a real investment.

Courtney Cox

This former star of “Cougar Town” and “Friends” began flipping homes back in the early 2000s. She sold a home she lived in with her former husband for a huge profit and then sold a five-bedroom house on the lake to fellow celebrity Ricki Lake. Cox hires construction workers and contractors to do the work for her, but she also likes getting her hands dirty too. The actress uses tips and tricks that she picked up from her dad, who worked as a contractor for years, when making repairs and changes.

Jeremy Renner

Long before he became part of The Avengers, Renner was just another struggling Hollywood actor. He worked as a contractor and house flipper while trying to land parts. After becoming famous and picking up his first Oscar nomination, he created a home renovation business that he jointly owns with one of his friends from before he was an actor. The company has more than 15 years experience. Renner personally worked on more than 20 projects and continues doing some work when he’s not filming.

Diane Keaton

Though many know this actress for her work with director Woody Allen, she’s also a successful flipper in her spare time. Keaton sold one mansion that she bought and renovated to Ryan Murphy, the creator of television shows like “Glee,” for a reported $2 million profit. She earned similar profits from other properties that she bought, sold and renovated in the past. Keaton also has a passion for architectural design and literally wrote the book on it. The actress wrote one book on people who transformed older homes and buildings into new living spaces. A second book deals with projects that normal people can do at home based off things she found on Pinterest.

As a house flipper, you may need to work with a luxury property marketing company to find ways to make those properties stand out from all others on the market. Even some of your favorite celebrities turned to those companies for help. Flippers can use different marketing methods to find prospective buyers.

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