Freelance Writing Jobs Online: Options Available to You

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Whether you’re looking for a writing service, or writing jobs, there are many kinds of online editing jobs to choose from. Here is a look at some of the writing jobs you can hire or do online:

Academic Writing

Today, there are hundreds or even thousands of freelance academic writing platforms online. 

These platforms offer different kinds of writing services to students. These include term papers, research papers, dissertations and thesis, etc. 

All you have to do is send your instructions and make payment, and your paper will be delivered to you at the agree-upon time. 

Scholarship and Grant Essay Writing

There are many scholarships and grants available to students all over the world. But the application process is very intense, and a good essay is one of the ways to win the hearts of the scholarship/grant-giving institutions and organizations.

For this, there are many writers who specialize in writing just these kinds of essays. 

But for such an essay to work, you are required to provide certain personal information. Besides, such an essay is personal and it should be evident how important the scholarship or grant is to you, and why you’re qualified for it. These piece of information may include the college you’re currently at and the scholarship you’re looking for, your work experience portfolio, your career dreams, among others. It all depends on the type of grant and/or scholarship you’re applying for and what the writer asks you to provide to aid the writing process.

Creative Writing

Creative writing is not only limited to fiction, but also includes non-fiction writing. Perhaps the main aspect of creative writing is that it exhibits flexibility with language use. Particularly, creative writing involves the use of flowery language.

Regardless, students can also order for creative writing tasks. Besides, not all people can do this kind of writing. The person who can do great research papers may not be able to do, say, a good short story or a poem.

Therefore, be careful to pick the right kind of writer. 

Transcription Jobs

Transcription involves the changing of audio or video into written language – or vice versa. This also requires great writing skills because it’s not just about putting what you hear to paper, but also putting it down right. The idea is to come up with a text that is comprehensible and well-written.

There are many reasons why a student may require transcription services. This includes when the audio or video file in question is not clear. Transcription puts that down to a readable and therefore sensible text. 


There are also blogging jobs. A blog may focus on various kinds of issues, but many blogs tend to be more specialized to specific issues. 

For students, there are blogs that focus on various kinds of writing that students may need help with, including choosing an essay topic, essay writing tips, academic and thesis writing tips, etc.


The internet has opened up new opportunities, including jobs. For freelance writers, there is no lack of things to do, whether just for the love of it or for money.

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