Fruits that we Should Include in for a Healthy Oral Cavity

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Becoming natural is one of the best way to keep you fit and fine. Same goes true for mouth and oral cavity. If we eat healthy foods we can avoid most of our diseases and ailments. The best way to keep your mouth and oral cavity healthy is by including lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet These fruits and vegetable contains important vitamins and minerals that are important to keep your mouth in its natural state.

With this article, we are going to list some important fruits and vegetables that are beneficial to our mouth and oral cavity.

Apples-You must have heard this idiomAn apple a day keeps the doctor away” but it is also true that “an apple a day keeps cavities away” and thus it is important for individuals to eat at least one apple every day to garner the health benefits that this wonderful fruit is having.

Apple is one of those fruits that are rich in vitamins and fibers. While its vitamins nourish our mouth cavity the natural fibers acts as a natural toothbrush that keeps harmful bacteria away. The fleshy fiber of an apple helps scrub your teeth, gums, and tongue. In other words we can say is that fiber helps remove the traces of plaque and residue that harbor in the back of your tongue and throat that create the bad breath.

Carrots- Carrots are another important fruits that are immensely beneficial for your mouth cavity. Carrots contain keratins which prevents dental decay. In other words we can say is that it is one of the greatest cavity-fighting vegetables that prevent the formation of plaque in our teeth. When combined with saliva, carrots help to wash away stain-causing bacteria and food particles.

Almonds- Almonds are one of those few nuts that are not only delicious but are also very nutritious and help us maintain a healthy body. The healthy fat, fiber and protein in almonds help to make them a truly satisfying snack that keeps our mouth cavity free of harmful bacteria and assists in creating collagen fibers.

Gooseberry- If we were to name a single fruit that is rich in nutritious value then Gooseberry is one of them that appear at the top of the list. These tiny fruits are rich in vitamin c that prevents scurvy and avoids plaque formation in our mouth cavity.

Citrus lemon- Citrus lemon like gooseberry is rich in vitamin c and also prevents scurvy. If taken regularly it keeps our teeth healthy and prevents the formation of harmful bacteria. To know more about important health benefits of fruits you can consult a dietician or a maxillofacial expert like dr haithem elhadi who is expert in this domain.

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