Get these Diwali crackers for a cracking celebration

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Diwali is the glittering festival of lights when people return home to spend time with their loved ones. The amazing food, non-stop chatting sessions, glamorous dresses, irresistible fire-crackers are the main attraction of this festival. Fire crackers in our country are the quintessential symbol of Diwali and it is almost synonymous with this festival.

Here are those names of Diwali crackers which you just cannot miss.

  • 1.    Anar: Anar means flower pot resembling Diwali cracker and the colorful sparkles that come out of it gives a lovely show. One of the prime attractions of Diwali is this Anar and the variety of Anars depend on the color and height of the sparks coming out of Anar. Most famous fo them are: Mini fountain, tower pots, crackling king, flower pots big, flower pots small, etc.
  • 2.    Chakra or Charkha or Ground Spinner: This one spins beautifully on the ground and offers a lovely show. But be very careful while blazing the Chakra because it spins really fast. So, make sure that you have cleared the ground off people and friends while blazing it. Various colors like red, green, and golden colored sparks are the varieties in which Ground spinners are available.
  • 3.    Sparklers or Phuljhari: This is the easiest one to be in use since a long time. Kids and toddlers use it with excitement and adults use it to fire other crackers. I guess, everyone has moved a sparkler or phuljhari during Diwali to evade the darkness of the evening. The normal or general color is the golden one but red, blue, and green are also in market now. You can get a whole basket full of Sparklers by shopping for Diwali crackers online to surprise your loved ones.
  • 4.    Bombs or Sounding Crackers or Gralands or Ladis: This one is famous for its high ranging sounds which can be termed as evil sometimes. A series of bombs are fused together and that produces a long lasting effect. A garland of 50 piece up till 10,000 piece are used to give us immense happiness.
  • 5.    Akash Ganga: Also known as rockets, if you want the most spectacular visual of a Diwali cracker, have this one for your home courtyard. Once you fire this up, it reaches high up in the sky and after reaching a certain height, it blasts creating flowery art. Some of the rocket types also emit out various colors in one go. The most popular ones are: Flashing Diamonds, Star Fire Red, Cluster of Stars, Super Star Crackling & Silver Rain, and etc. You want to have lots of fun in Diwali then you must have this Diwali fireworks at your home.

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