Give The Gift Of A Beautiful Birthstone Bracelet For Mom

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Your mother is one of the most important people in your life, so how do you choose the right gift for her? At Lovable Keepsake Gifts we have a large variety of unique and beautiful gifts for the most important woman you know, like our Birthstone Bracelet For Mom.

Birthstones and Their Origins 
The legend of birthstones dates back to Aaron the priest, or the brother of Moses, who had a breastplate with twelve different stones representing the twelve different tribes of Israel. This eventually developed to represent the twelve different signs of the zodiac as well as the twelve months out of the year. There are legends about the healing and spiritual power of each month’s stone as well. Since 1912 the birthstone tradition has become one that people embrace in order to celebrate their birth month! So, whether it’s for your Mother’s birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion, we have the perfect birthstone bracelet for your Mom.

Birthstone Bracelets for Mom from Lovable Keepsake Gifts 
Whatever your Mom’s personal jewelry preferences, we can help meet it. Our birthstone bracelet selection includes bangles and beaded bracelets, with a variety of options for individual or multiple birthstones. If your Mom prefers a beaded bracelet to a band, our initial beaded stretch bracelet with birthstone is perfect. Each bracelet is measured 7.5” but can be customized either smaller or larger for your Mom’s wrist for the most comfortable fit. The beads can be blue indigo agate, white or brown faceted agate, and white jade agate, with a sterling silver disc with the initial of your choice.

Do you have siblings that your Mother would want celebrate on her birthstone bracelet? Our gold or silver family tree pendant with birthstones would fit exactly what you need. This band bracelet includes a gold or silver pendant with the depiction of a tree on it as well as up to 15 different birthstones to be included on the bracelet for as many family members as your Mom would like represented on their bracelet.

If you need a Mother’s Day gift that will give your Mom a reminder of the children she helped raise, our silver “my babies” birthstone bracelet gives your Mom a beautiful reminder of the life she gave you and your siblings. It includes a pendant with footprints and the inscription of “My Babies” and can have up to nine different birthstones on it as well. Or you can give them a name and birthstone bracelet that can have up to four different individual name pendants with a corresponding birthstone.

If your Mom prefers a birthstone bracelet that is simpler, our expandable pewter initial birthstone bangle is designed to be worn as a stack or as an individual. It comes with a unique oval pewter pendant with a dotted design around the edge and the engraved initial of your choice in the middle, accompanied by the birthstone of your choice. Another unique and simple option is our Italian horn bangle bracelet with birthstone that comes with a silver tone Italian horn charm with a large faceted bracelet.

Have any questions about our products or policies? Contact us today to answer your questions and let us help you give your Mom the perfect gift!

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