Go Live – Celebrate This Halloween With Everyone On Internet

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Go Live – Celebrate This Halloween With Everyone On Internet

This year’s Halloween is closer and closer. Everybody is getting ready taking care of the last details such as costume, make-up and the big party event. What if this year you try something new and different? A very fun idea on how to celebrate this Halloween is to go live and “gather” with everyone on the internet. Here is some information on how the live video broadcasting works.halloween

If you don’t have the chance to be with your best friends or you would like to be with your family for this Halloween but is miles away or even if you just love being online and sharing the special events from your life, the live streaming is an interesting and fun way to share this upcoming Halloween with everyone. Either you are planning to go to a parade, to a party or just to play games with friends make sure that you will make it possible to be together with your special ones. You don’t want to spend this Halloween being apart from them.


The best choice is to go on Freedocast – The Live Streaming App  and start your live streaming. Freedocast Platform ensures that you stream your events in HD Quality anywhere in the world. For this Halloween all you have to do is to connect your video source to Freedocast Pro Device and to choose the platform where you would like to have your streaming. The best thing is that the Freedocast Platform gives you the opportunity to live stream to multiple platforms simultaneously. This means you will be able to go live on Facebook Live, YouTube Live or Twitter in the same time. Isn’t that cool?

For the ones that prefer to use their smartphone as a device and to make it easier, the live broadcasting platform also provides an App. You can download it from App Store or get it from Google Play.

The benefits of live streaming is that is comfortable, is an easy way to reach your audience, and is the best thing to do to feel closer to the loved ones but far away from you. You can take your sister, your brother or a good friend and go live to celebrate this Halloween with everyone on the internet. Why not trying it when is fun, you connect with new people, you make virtual friends and you enjoy it. It is about making memories, even if is on the internet, creating special moments that you will never forget is always something that makes you happy.



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