Going fishing for the first time? Here is a quick to-do checklist for you

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Fishing is a very common hobby for people around the globe, although it is a means of living for most of the people and the only source of income.  Seafood is unique cuisine in East Asia, South Korea, Japan, China, USA and Iceland that are the primary consumers of seafood. There are large fishing bets around the water lines from, where daily tons of fish are caught to send to the market. Not only this, fish is the most common item of import and export for many countries.

But fishing is also an enjoyable hobby. People go fishing whenever they find the time or during vacations. Few pick up this hobby as a family tradition that keeps on going from generation to generation while other has this as occasional interest. For those who have been on fishing with the family since childhood, they almost learn everything they need to know about fishing while growing up while others who are relatively new or just thought to go on fishing for the first time they research a lot for all the things that they should know about fishing.


Here is a short list of stuff that you must have ready with you for your first fishing experience:

1-    Fishing equipment

The most important thing to fishing is the fishing equipment including the fishing rod, spinning reel, and a hook. Good fishing equipment will give better performance and good experience. You can shop for fishing equipment online as well.

2-    A kayak/ boat

You need a boat to go the perfect spot for fisheries in the lake or sea. Of course, you can think of fishing by the shore. You can either buy the boat or rent it when you go fishing.

3-    Food for fish

To catch the fish to the hook, you need fish food to attach to the hook so that when the fish comes to eat it gets caught. You can buy such food from local stores in your city.

4-    Life-saving equipment

Water is never too safe, always have a handy life-saving equipment, first aid box ready with you. Especially if you are on your first trip to fishing, you must have a first aid box with all necessary medicals.

5-    A pair of the fishery sunglass

Unique fishing sunglasses are available in the market that is specially designed for people going on fishing. These are UV protected, with panoramic view, fresh water, and salt water resistant. You can buy these online quickly.

6-    Cooler storage

You must have a good cooler room for storing your fish before you bring them home. Or if you plan to camp by the lakeside and consume them immediately you must have all necessary equipment handy.

Never forget to have a backup plan if you first fishing trip goes wrong. Always have emergency contact on speed dial. Carry a life vest for each member on the boat.  It’s always better to follow the protocol that your city makes for fishing and never tress pass the sea limits for adventure.

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