Got a Large Dog? You Need a Bed That’s Travel-Ready!

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Everyone enjoys a good night’s sleep, and animals are no different. To maintain the good health and well-being of your pet, you should take into consideration the sleeping habits that they’ve formed and how these can be improved. Think about it: in order for you to be comfortable, your mattress needs to have the right amount of support in the right places — your back, shoulders, hips and knees are all spots that can get sore after a sleepless night.

Similarly,a quality dog bed needs to be properly constructed to meet the needs of certain breeds. Most pet owners will opt for the kind of product that looks fluffy and supportive when it’s new, but quickly wears out, loses cushioning and collects dirt and fur. You wouldn’t rely on a cheap, run-of-the-mill mattress to get years of restful sleep for yourself! So, if you’re looking for extra large dog beds put the same amount of thought into your loving pup’s long-term sleep needs and seek the best in durable comfort and support for their joints. To ensure a long, healthy, and energetic life for your family pet, and to find a product that really holds up against all kinds of wear and tear, make that extra effort and do a bit more research for superior results.

The quality of the materials changes drastically when you start looking for a product that is designed to help your dog sleep well at night. Certain suppliers hide information like the type of fibre, the manufacturing location, and the condition of the fabric used when they sell at big chain stores, but a company that caters specifically to dogs, like Mammoth Outlet, deliberately makes sure that you know all of those details and more. When your dog begins to age, develop aching joints and experience the small difficulties that we know accompany everyone later in life, a comfortable and easily accessible bed can do wonders to improve his or her quality of life. A travel-ready dog bed is ideal because it can go wherever you go, maintaining the consistent routine needed to help your pet feel right at home.

The best way to tell whether or not you’re buying a travel-ready dog bed are to look for the following features:


– Detachable pillow and removable covers, so that it comes apart easily

– Machine-washable and dryer-safe bedding covers, so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning by hand

– Soft, foldable cushioning and fabric that can be easily transported


These simple qualities, which Mammoth Outlet makes a point to prioritize when they design dog beds, make it easy to take your best furry friend along on weekend trips to the cottage, campsite, or beach house without a second thought.

Your pup will feel as rested as you do when he or she has the comfort of a bed that smells exactly like home, keeps painful joints off the hard floor, and provides more than enough space to stretch out. You’ll never have to worry about how to ease a canine’s aging process when you know they’re getting the best rest possible. 

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