Great Tips And Advice For Clearer Thinking

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Your best friend sends you messages about their problems, your car is running low on fuel, your taxes wait to be sorted out, and you haven’t had the chance to schedule your appointment with your doctor yet. Advanced technology is wonderful, but it forces us to live at full speed. Under these circumstances, there’s no wonder some of us find it difficult to keep pace with the events in their life. They surely need a reset of their mental machinery.


Just like a vehicle, your brain needs fuel to deliver the performance you want it to. You won’t be able to drive your car for too long without refueling it, ads it will die on you as soon as the last drop will be consumed. Even if you fuel your car, it may still fail on you if you ignore replacing the oil, the tires and the brake plates. Here are five things to know if you want your brain to serve you well at any given time:


Get enough sleep

 Sleep deprivation is extremely exhausting, as it prevents the brain from processing everything that has happened during the day. Our brain processes memories and events while we sleep, getting ready for a new day of experiences. If you don’t sleep enough, you won’t be able to think clearly any longer.


Learn and practice meditation

Unlike sleeping, meditation is the action of focusing on the present moment. It enables your brain to clear its thoughts and to keep your mind in the now. When you meditate, you enable your brain to rejuvenate itself, thus giving it a chance to improve its cognitive performance.


Use the Power of Supplements

There are numerous supplements out there that will help improve your concentration levels. The Western diet is very low in numerous fats that can help with brain power. Increasing the amount of Omega 3 in the diet is known to significantly help concentration levels. Other additional supplements that are a source of choline can also be very beneficial in this regard.


Get in contact with beauty

Creative minds aren’t the only ones who can enjoy beauty. Whatever your type, you can enjoy the beauty around you. Just take your time to understand what makes you happy, and then get more of it. Maybe you like to hear a baby laughing. Maybe the purr of a powerful engine is music to your ears. Whenever you stop for a moment, and you learn to appreciate beauty, your brain feels rewired and refreshed.


Open your mind to the spiritual

This isn’t to say that you should start frequenting your church every Sunday. Opening yourself to the spiritual means becoming aware of the “layer” that exists beyond the physical world. Some people find spirituality in religious worship, while others find it in the universal gratitude they show to everything around them. It’s up to you to define spirituality and to let yourself carried away by it.


Get a habit of “vegging.”

This is different than sleeping or meditating. Vegging is the time when you allow your brain to roam freely, without any purpose or direction. Some people veg while watching TV, while others prefer to read magazines or to browse through the Facebook postings of their friends. This state of mind releases a hormone that enables you to feel calm and to let go of all the stress accumulated throughout the day.


All these habits can help you think more clearly, but you shouldn’t practice them in excess. Just make sure you integrate them into your daily routine, so that your brain can have a rest whenever needed.

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