Great Tips For Beautiful and Healthy Feet

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An active life requires strong and healthy feet. This is why you should do everything in your power to avoid and prevent various foot problems. 

Luckily, maintaining the health of your feet is a fairly easy task. Here are a few tips to help you stay active and enjoy pain-free feet. 

Your feet need to be dry and clean at all times. Maintaining a good hygiene helps you keep your feet healthy. Clean and scrub them with soap and water, and then make sure to dry them well. Fungi tend to thrive in wet environments, so you should deprive them from moisture. Experts warn people to pay close attention to excess moisture between toes, as it can attract various fungal infections. 

Your feet need close examinations. You should observe your feet once a week, during your bath or shower time, in search for anything that may look unusual. You should also remember to check your soles for scaling or flaky areas, as these could be a sign of athlete’s foot. Discoloration on the nails may be the sign of fungal infections. If you suffer from diabetes, you should examine your feet every day, since you’re more prone to developing sores and infections that healthy individuals. 

Know the right way to cut your toenails. You should always cut them straight and not too close to the skin. Avoid rounding the corners, as this may lead to ingrown toenails which are extremely painful. 

Don’t hide your “ugly” toenails under a layer of polish. Discoloured, thick and cracked nails could mean you’ve got a nail fungus. You should rather seek for treatment than hide your problem by applying polish. Dr’s Remedy Nail Polish could be the perfect solution for you and uses dedicated, clean ingredients that are created to aid better skin and nails. It’s a natural solution that doesn’t have the dangers of commercial, chemically filled polishes. 

Wear protection in all public areas. Always wear your shower shoes at the gym, at public pools, spa areas and locker rooms. These places are excellent breeding grounds for fungi, so you shouldn’t touch them with your bare feet. 

Don’t share your footgear. According to experts, you can get fungal infections by wearing other people’s footwear. Never rent socks or shoes. Wear your own, as this is the best way to avoid infections. 

Say goodbye to sweaty feet. As your feet have more than 250,000 sweat glands, you can easily imagine the reason why they tend to sweat so much. You should always wear socks, as this is how you can keep your feet healthy. Synthetic fibers appear to be better than cotton when it comes to absorbing moisture. 

Buy breathable footwear. Shoes made from leather allow the air to circulate, thus keeping your feet dry and healthy. If you tend to sweat a lot, you may want to try breathable shoes made from mesh fabrics. Always wear the proper shoe size. If you wear shoes that are too tight, you may develop foot problems. It’s best to shop for shoes at the end of the day, when your feet are already swollen. When shopping for footwear, make sure you wear the same type of socks you intend to wear with your shoes on the street. Broad, rounded shoes with stable heels are the best. Pointy shoes may lead to ingrown toenails and calluses, so you should try to avoid them. 

Know when to seek for medical attention. Don’t try to self-medicate painful feet. According to the pros, “bathroom surgery” can cause a lot of problems. If you notice persistent discoloration, redness, swelling or pain, you should schedule an appointment with a podiatric physician. Most of these problems can be easily treated with prescription medicine or with minor surgical interventions. By letting a doctor examine your minor problems, you can prevent them from becoming major troubles.


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