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Any business entity supplying goods or services or both, having a turnover exceeding 20 Lacs rupees (Rs. 10 lacs for the North Eastern States) has to get registered under GST regime. And he will be allotted a 15 digit alpha numerical GSTIN no. of which the first two numbers represent the State code and 10 characters following the numbers represent the PAN no of the registered dealer. And the 13th digit representing the numbers from 1 to 9 and 14th and 15th digit representing Alphabets from A –Z (13th, 14th, and 15th digits are allotted based on the number of registrations received.) Once the registration is the number is obtained than that registered taxable person has to abide by the new law (i.e.,) GST. And we also understood from our previous articles that GST includes both goods and services which the GST law has coined it as “Supplies” and they will be taxed based on the rates specified in the Slab which they call it as 4 tier model of GST rate structure.


Platforms available for obtaining GST registration

  1. Logging into  and filing the registration form online.

  2. GST online Registration (via) utility provided by GST Accounting Software companies like Tally.

  3. Application in Offline Mode in PDF/Excel Format (GST Registration form “REG -01” Application for Registration u/s 19(1) of GST Act.) and uploading the file on GST portal.

In this article, we would be covering about GST registration procedures and mark a highlight on following topics

  • GST Registration details

  • GST Registration documents

Because understanding these will help us in filing the GST registration form. Generally filing a form requires two intellects one understanding its details and to the documents that are needed to accompany the form. Let’s start bisecting the GST registration form (GST REG – 01) and learn about the details that are required to be filled during GST registration? process and as well as understand what are the documents that are required to be uploaded on GST portal. But before that one has to know that there would be two conditions or two types of dealer who would be standing in queue for GST registration they are

  1. Dealers who would Migrate : (i.e., From Previous taxation laws to GST)

  2. Where the registered dealer under previous taxation laws is making a transition from existing taxation laws to GST then it is the case of migration.

  3. How should they get registered under GST or what are the GST registration ?procedures applicable to them???  Migrated dealers have to use their provisional id and password serviced to them by the CBEC, VAT departments of the state in which the dealer is registered under the previous taxation laws and get their business registered under GST…

  4. From where should they obtain these provisional ID and password??? The Provisional ID and password is serviced to them to them to their registered email id alone and not to their registered mobile number via SMS. So  if u are a registered dealer migrating from previous taxation laws to GST regime you have to use that password and Provisional ID to register under GST


Now, what about the persons who are registering for the GST for the first time and not through the migration window? The second type of dealers we talked about are these prospective dealers who would be applying for new GST registration to get their business registered under GST regime.


II  New and Prospective dealers (i.e., dealers who are registering for GST for the first time other than through migration)

  1. New dealers who were not liable to get registered? under previous tax laws based on “ n “ number of criteria say for instance e commerce operators who were outside the net of taxation structure, and turnover based exemption criteria of excise department for SSI units of Rs. 1.50 Crores and other criteria’s applicable owing to which the registration process might not have? been compulsory then but made compulsory now on enrollment of GST.

  2. How should they get registered under GST or what are the GST registration? procedures applicable to them??? New dealers have to generate for themselves a Provisional ID and a password to enable to apply for new GST registration? online.

  3. From where and how? should they generate the Provisional ID and password ??? New dealers prospering for applying New registration have to visit and click on the register now button and choose new registration and have to feed in credentials like PAN number email address and mobile number for verification with the help? of one time password received on the given email ID and mobile number and begin to fill the GST registration? form.

  • GST Registration Online Process (on Government Portal) :

One may also do  registration via the GST portal for which one may need to take the following Steps :

  • Log on to Government GST portal

  • Fill PAN number, Mobile number, E-mail ID in Part – An of form GST REG -01 of GST Registration

  • Now you will receive a temporary reference number on the provided mobile number and E- mail ID after your OTP verification

  • Now we will be asked to fill Part – B of the form GST REG -01 to be duly signed (by DSC or EVC) and upload the required documents specified according to the business type

  • After which an acknowledgment will be generated in Form GST REG -02

  • Where in case of any information sought from you by serving on you Form GST REG -03, you may need to visit the department and clarify or produce such documents within the prescribed in Form GST REG -04

  • The office may also turn down your application? if they find any errors in the? application and you will be notified of the  in Form GST REG -05

  • At last, you will  be served with? a certificate of registration and it will be issued to you by the department? after verification and approval in Form GST REG -06

[Note: The GST registration ?status of dealers who? migrated as well as new dealers will be active on allotment of 15 digit GSTIN number but verification would be pending at respective tax offices. Meaning certificate under GST REG – 06 will be only issued after physical verification and until then the? GSTIN number allotted to dealers will carry only Provisional status]

  • GST  Registration  Documents :

  • PAN card of Proprietor/directors/partners

  • Telephone bill, Electricity bill, rental agreement? letter or Letter of consent (NOC)

  • MOA/AOA or partnership deed

  • Letter of authorization for signatory

  • Aadhaar Card of Owners/directors/partners

  • Bank statement/ Cancelled cheque leaf

  • Photograph (of person whose information is given)


To sum we would be required a valid permanent account number (PAN), Valid Indian mobile phone number, valid e- mail address, all of  the above prescribed documents, details about the place of business, details about the jurisdiction one is falling into, valid bank account number and IFSC code, Details of at least one partner/directors with their corresponding PAN, details of authorised signatory? who is resident of India with valid PAN.


But one may not burden with the task of GST registration? whether it be a case of migration or new registration because as of now we have so many GST ready software’s available to choose which takes all the inputs you feed in the GST registration procedure and generate you an acknowledgment GST REG-02 at ease. Well, the software’s differentiate from one another with the features offered while some just offering GST registration? services and some providing GST returns filing services. For eg, Tally software provide complete GST package in one single Software. The necessity is to choose the best Software from among the rest.

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