Hair transplant should always have a surgical background

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Hair transplant is a surgery and it is not easy and it is important for anyone to know. Just because a person is a doctor does not mean he or she can perform this very delicate and zero error procedure because if the doctor makes any mistake or mistake the following will happen which the patient will have to endure and they are

·         Lack of growth of new hair

·         Visible scarring

·         Patchy hair growth

·         New hair looking unnatural

Also it is not easy to fix bad hair transplant because in some cases it is possible the patient may lack donor hair. So why take a chance and the best way to avoid all of the above mentioned problems one must choose the right doctor and for hair transplant surgical experience is a must. That is why in Delhi NCR one of the leading hair reclamation specialists is Dr. Rakesh Sood of Dr. Sood’s hair clinic in South Delhi. Dr. Sood is surgeon with over twenty six years of experience and have been performing hair transplant for over ten years.


He is the leading FUE and FUT hair transplant expert and provides the best Hair loss treatment In Delhi and Hair Transplant surgeon In Delhi. One of the important thing is he is the best natural hair transplant doctor and once the new hair starts to grow it is not possible to tell the difference.

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