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Restore Files From A Broken Hard Drive

An external hard drive is a useful way to back up your files. But what should you do if this disc no longer works? Keep reading more about TCS Computers harddisk data recovery. Backing up is one of the most important things to do if you do not want to lose your files. It is advisable to make multiple backups on different media such as external hard disks, and if you want it in the cloud too. But if you did not, and your external hard disk contains the only copies of important files, you have a problem when this disc is broken.

If your disk is not physically damaged, you can do a lot of self as long as you handle the file recovery. A file is not lost as long as it is not overwritten, so do not put any new files on the disk you want a photo or document to return to.

How can you restore your files?

Harddisk Data Recovery

Strange noise

If the disc makes a strange noise, it is better to keep the disk completely at rest, so that no further damage is caused. Unfortunately, in this case, you will have to leave file recovery to a professional company like TCS Computers harddisk data recovery.

If the disc does not make a strange noise, you can sometimes do something yourself to recover your files. An external hard disk is actually just an internal hard drive in a housing. It may be that the disc itself is nothing wrong, but there is a connection problem.


With a screwdriver you can carefully remove the drive from the housing. If you see that the connector cable has loosened, you can plug it back into the hard drive. Then, verify that the external hard drive does it again.

If the cable is not loose, there may be a problem with the connectors on the housing. Remove the disc from the housing and plug it into the USB port of the computer with a SATA USB adapter. With a SATA-to-USB cable, connect your hard disk or SSD to your PC quickly.


If you’re at your files, it’s a good idea to back up now because there is nothing wrong with the disk itself and you can do it again in another case, if you wish. If you do not see any files, there is a problem with the drive and you can try to use recovery software to recover your files. If not, then it’s time to turn on a professional company.

TCS Computers harddisk data recovery

According to TCS Computers data recovery experts with your own senses you’ve come to an end when it comes to recovering data.

“Data recovery: listening, watching, feeling”

Every broken product coming in goes through the same process that starts with listening. In about 80 percent of the cases, the specialists are able to solve the problem, by listening to it. If the hearing does not give any answers, then the device will be opened to look and feel.

Do not panic if your hard disk broken, damaged, fallen and you lost your important data. TCS Computers harddisk data recovery Center recovers lost data from all types of hard disks. We can recover your files in almost all cases with 24/7 service.

Call for further inquiries:+32.3.772.22.36

Visit website for more info: www.tcs-computers.be



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