Has a large plastic “bubble” soles of the Nike shoes is how to do it?

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February 17, Nike Portland global headquarters, wearing black box glasses, wearing a black shirt John Hoke with his rule under the three design executives, sitting together with a large three black triangle side of the white wall Before each triangle is placed with a transparent soles of gray shoes.

The same shoes in front of the designers of the wooden table is also placed three or four, surrounded by scattered shapes of strange things: more transparent bottom of the shoes, more transparent insoles, as well as Nike’s history, the most famous One of the products: co-founder Bill Bowerman (Bill Bowerman) coach waffle shoes.

John Hoke is vice president of Nike’s global design, he wore a small number of white gloves, and picked up Bowman’s waffle shoes and began to explain Nike’s design program. The first sentence of the media are no stranger, it has appeared in the Nike various types of new products on the occasion, but also with huge decorative words hanging in the Nike design department building on the whole wall: “always listen to the voice of athletes” – whenever this sentence in a crowded media room sounded when Nike is the time to release new products. This time the protagonist, it is the wall of the shoes: Vapormax.


John Hoke shows Nike’s history of air cushion development, which is a pair of 1981 prototype shoes

No matter when you see Vapormax, you will immediately notice its soles. This is basically a huge plastic balloon, but feel solid, very fine shape: the soles of the five dense force parts covered with wear-resistant coating, all stress points are irregular, connected to each other’s small airbag. It seems that the front and back of the soles of a consistent, but in fact two pieces of air cushion with very fine seams together.

Vapormax looks quite simple, the traditional shoes at least seven parts of the complex composition is reduced to three: soles, vamps and shoelaces, each one forming.

Because the soles are a “bubble”, most people see Vapormax first reaction are: “it will not break it?

Vapormax debuted at the Nike New York Innovation Conference in March 2016. Nike CEO Mark Parker mentioned in a brief statement: Nike first time to remove the shoes in the end, not applicable rubber, redefine the shoes of the aesthetic and manufacturing methods. But the media at that time put most of the attention can be automatically on the lace of the hyperadapt 1.0 body, the pair of blue Vapormax booth is not busy.

Nearly a year later, Nike to use gray upper and transparent soles to the media to show this new product. In almost all white background wall, this color combination has an unexpected pure effect, but also weakened the airbag soles brought too strong sense of science and technology. And Vickormax is too avant-garde compared to all the air cushion products in Nike history.

Article Source? www.musclegaintruths.com

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